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Monthly Archives: June 2009

This. isssss. The Saturday linkspam!!! (wild applause, game show music)

And hhhhheeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee’s your linkmistress:Unusualmusic! \o/ Today (or tonight, depending on your time frame) you get to choose from subjects as diverse as American healthcare and education debates, American history, American economy and secret service shenanigans, Famine in Africa (helped along by one Bill Gates) AND

Angry Black Goddesses

I practice a West African religious tradition known as Ifa or Orisha.  It’s very closely related to Vodun, Santeria, Lucumi, and similar traditions in the Western Hemisphere. Among the Ifa pantheon are many goddesses.  One could say they are black, as they originate in black

Moments of Fail

I was having a conversation a few weeks ago with a friend about some very deep subjects and in the midst of it I said something like, “We all have our Fail moments. People fuck up. Even I fail sometimes. It’s what you do when


A while back I saw this comic strip.  Can’t remember the name.  The setting was white suburbia, a family, which as my friend Sara points out “really narrows it down.” The female lead of the comic strip (let’s call her Wilma) has a black friend

Being Social

As some of you have cottoned, the ABWs have found their way to Twitter. We’re tweeting under angryblackwomen because certain other names were taken by someone NOT us. I think we need to trademark or something. Right now tweets mainly consist of blog post alerts

NYC Meetup is Tomorrow

Quick reminder, our ABW NYC meetup is tomorrow afternoon from 4 – 7 at Society Coffee @ 2104 Frederick Douglass Blvd @ 114th. Everyone who can see this is invited and you’re welcome to bring friends.


While at WisCon 33 I was on one panel that wasn’t going to be a panel.  Cultural Appropriation 101 was supposed to be a workshop.  At least, that’s what Programming asked us to do.  But then we only had your normal panel-length time slot of

2009 Clarion West Write-a-thon

Longtime readers of this blog may remember my doing this fundraising event in years past. I’m at it again! Along with several other people (including, I think, Karnythia and Nisi). A write-a-thon is like a marathon except there’s no running, just writing. 6 weeks of

Smile and nod

Some people have said they liked my introduction yesterday.  Good!  Stay with me now.  You love me when I’m angry. Or anyway, you should.  Especially if you’re white, because the fact that I let you know I am angry, well, that’s me being nice to