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Monthly Archives: October 2007


Addendum to the It’s Pledge Time Again/NPR post: Local NPR responds National NPR responds In other news, someone very smart had some very interesting things to say about the new TV season in this here online magazine.

The Grass is Always Greener

Earlier this month, black British actor David Harewood published an essay in the Guardian lamenting the lack of media attention for the “Black BAFTAS” and the lack of black actors on British television. …in Britain, TV and film producers and directors are still nervous about

It’s Pledge Time Again

Because of the nature of my various day jobs, I spend most of my day in front of a computer. Sometimes I play music while I work, but most of the day I have various NPR stations going in the background. Between my local station,

Political Monday

A few weeks ago I went to a Barak Obama rally for the first time. I am not a rally person by nature. Standing in line for hours to then stand around with some other people and, eventually, be crushed by those around me is

A racism renaissance?

Guest blogger Nora checking in… I’m depressed. There’s so much stuff to talk about lately that I honestly don’t know where to begin. But it hit me, this morning as I was watching the news, that maybe I should talk about the fact that there’s