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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Harassment Post Coming Monday

I’m collecting some more data.  This has turned into quite a deep post. Meanwhile, I am amused at the # of hits I continue to get.  And now from encyclopedia dramatica!  Keep linking to me, guys!  I’ve been trying to convince advertisers to buy space

We Broke A Record

According to WordPress I’ve had over 11,000 hits today, making it my best day ever since this blog started!  I’m really surprised since the best day I had previously was in February 2007 when I put up the Barack Obama Church Post of DOOM (10,000

What Rachel Moss Did

This past weekend I was in Wisconsin for the WisCon convention. I have a lot of posts to write about that, including some ruminations on panels and some stuff about POC at WisCon. But this post is about something that happened during the convention that

Sexism, Chivalry, and POC communities

So one of the things that’s been working my nerves this election cycle has been the rush to paint every single bit of language uttered by Obama that could be gendered as proof of his being sexist. The furor over the word periodically was wacky

California Love

Was going to post something morose about Edwards endoring Obama. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing, especially given that this looks like the runup to an Obama/Edwards ticket. I like Edwards; he quit too soon. But I can’t help but reflect on the

The In’s and Out’s of Catcalling

Catcalling– creepy or a compliment? You know I have yet to experience catcalling that felt the least bit complimentary. In fact I generally find myself wondering what possessed the guy to think the comments would net good results, or I get annoyed enough to tell