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Being Social

As some of you have cottoned, the ABWs have found their way to Twitter. We’re tweeting under angryblackwomen because certain other names were taken by someone NOT us. I think we need to trademark or something.

Right now tweets mainly consist of blog post alerts and links. But I’m sure we’ll become much more interactive tweeters as we follow and are followed by more folks. As the name indicates, the account is for any of the bloggers here (though usually it’ll be me).

And again, there’s a FaceBook page you can Fan. Also, if you want to send us links for the sidebar and Twitter feed, you can join our network on Delicious and tag links for:theangryblackwoman. That’s actually far more effective than sending them through the Contact page.

One thought on “Being Social”

  1. Joy-Mari Cloete says:

    Ooooh, cool, I’ll follow you. On Twitter, of course.

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