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This. isssss. The Saturday linkspam!!! (wild applause, game show music)

And hhhhheeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee’s your linkmistress:Unusualmusic! \o/
Today (or tonight, depending on your time frame) you get to choose from subjects as diverse as American healthcare and education debates, American history, American economy and secret service shenanigans, Famine in Africa (helped along by one Bill Gates) AND American culture! Its all about America today! (or tonight!) There are short articles, long articles, and even a podcast for your listening pleasure! There is stuff to infuriate, educate and elucidate! Step right up and lend me your brain (and tell me what you think in the comments, of course:D)

Breadline USA (Podcast) When the month is longer than the money… You need to listen to this. Really.

Let them eat cash!!!(PDF) Bill Gates says he wants to stop famine in Africa. So why is he using methods that will actually make it worse?

Guess who is recruiting unemployed Wall Street Lords of the Universe?

Nathan Bedford Forest has beautiful eyes

Single Payer vs Public Option Your handydandy easy to understand chart!

Insurance companies admit that they cancel insurance when their patients’ care will be expensive…and they tell Congress that they won’t stop it (video at link)

Out of Reach:Is College only for the rich? It would take 80 billion dollars to make public colleges free of cost.

Berea College I wonder who is footing the bill?

The Universities in Trouble

Why Can’t Those Working-Class Kids Value Education Like Our Middle-Class Kids?

“Fallen Princess” Jasmine Raises Questions About Stereotypes Frankly I think the pictures are an artistic waste of time anyway, above and beyond the stereotypes.

The 10% Fight is Back: Texas Universities want to get rid of a successful programme that sets side a guaranteed spot to the public university system to the top 10% of its high schoolers. Why?

Personally, I tend to need to balance the heavy duty posts with a bit of light stuff, or I tend to get depressed. With that in mind…

Movie/Book/TV Series rec of week: Royal Pains on USA Network: One of the few shows on Tele with an actress of Asian Indian descent: Reshma Shetty

Music I am jamming to: Whole Wheat Bread “Throw your sets up!”

Question of the week: Is anyone gonna watch Transformers? I am, but only because of the soundtrack. Especially 1:05. …Okay, the robots are freaking awesome too:D

11 thoughts on “This. isssss. The Saturday linkspam!!! (wild applause, game show music)”

  1. Diana says:

    Navi Rawat on Numb3rs is pretty awesome too. Just sayin’.

  2. The Angry Black Woman says:

    I did notice that about Royal Pains, but they pissed me right off in the one commercial where they mention her character. The voiceover says something like “Dr (whoever) is treating the rich and famous and he has some help. There’s his brother–” (cut to the brother being smarmy and announcing his name to someone) “And then there’s this chick–” (cut to the brother saying some other smarmy thing and the female character saying “Don’t objectify me, sidekick.”)

    Now it’s great that she is obviously not taking any crap from the brother (though if this goes the way of others shows of this stripe, they’ll probably end up in a love/hate angry sex relationship), but WTF is up with them calling her This Chick? Does she have a name? Do we get to know it? If she’s not just a pretty piece of fluff, how about showing her some respect! Ye gods.

    And Diana, I completely agree, Navi Rawat is awesome. I wish the show treated her character a bit better.

  3. Helen says:

    For the sake of clarity, I am trying to be more intentional about using “the U.S.” when referring to this country. America can mean north, central, and/or south. Maybe you agree?

  4. unusualmusic says:

    @Diana: Oh I like Ms. Rawat’s character too. I dislike the way it has been handled by the writers though. *sigh* I’ll feature an interview of her next week.

    @the angry black woman: Hmm. I totally missed that part of the tagline, and *sigh* When will network execs stop looking at women as simply “sex appeal”? And I agree that the brother is an asshole. I was just thinking the other day that I will be summarily disappointed if they pull that very same trope of hooking up the sensible, beautiful woman with the childish, sexist, annoying guy.

  5. Diana says:

    @the angry black woman @unusualmusic: I haven’t watched any of the past season of Numb3rs, have they done something to her character, or is this one of those things I’m not picking up on due to my ignorance?

  6. NancyP says:

    Berea College has a fairly decent endowment, and the students are all work-study, with some of the work-study jobs producing income for the college. The college has a hospitality services degree, and the students get experience running the college hotel and its quite good restaurant. The college is also the site of bluegrass festivals and other events that likely produce some money for the college. I used to go to the music events when I lived an hour and a half away. I gather that the alumni/ae are very loyal and those that are financially successful often give generously to the college.

  7. unusualmusic says:

    @ Helen: Makes sense. I’ll try to do that

    @ Diana: I actually stopped watching Numbers after the second season, but I remember her being underutilized.

    @ NacyP. Thanks for the info!

  8. Sabina says:

    Hi Angry Black Women,

    First time on your site and I just wanted to ask, how you are able to stomach the overt and subtle sexism in numb3rs. I stopped watching the show because I could not handle the sexism.

    Also regarding Royal Pains, as someone above pointed when are tv execs going to stop treating female characters as sex symbols. So why do you still watch the show Angry Black Women?

    Sorry if I seem like I am interrogating you, it is just that as a WOC and someone who is just thinking of sexism, I think that as soon as I see a show reflecting sexism, I should boycott it the way I would boycott shows reflecting racism.

    So I am just wondering why do you not do that, do you boycott shows if they are reflecting racism.

    As a womanist I just want your opinion on this. Sorry if this comment offends you.

    1. unusualmusic says:

      Angry Black Woman is made up of more than one blogger, just so you know. I’m the one who did this post. Frankly, I deal with shows based on a scale. All things being equal: good script, characters, I will watch a show until it hits a point. If it hits my cutoff point, then I’ll stop. Re: numb3rs, I stopped watching it several months ago cause I was bored. Royal Pains hit the WTF?!?! point for me, so I stopped watching it too.

  9. Sabina says:

    Hi unusualmusic,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Sorry if my earlier comment offended you. I am just wondering what did you think of the sexism in numb3rs. Thanks again for replying.

    1. unusualmusic says:

      Oh don’t worry about it. I wasn’t offended. :)

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