'Mexican Flu' my ass.

‘Mexican Flu’ my ass.

Too busy for analysis right now, but submitting this for your consideration. I think most of us have noticed how right-wing pundits are using racist fearmongering tactics to blame the swine flu on illegals from Mexico — even to the point of referring to it as the “Mexican flu.” The fact that the carriers were […]

Yesterday coffeeandink pointed to this amazing Dollhouse vid set to the tune of “It Depends on What You Pay” from The Fantasticks. It’s so spot on I can’t even describe. Go watch, if you’re inclined, but be aware that it could be triggery. C&I mentioned in her post that the vid author warned that it […]

Earlier this week, one of my radical writer friends alerted me to the existence of a little-known but award-winning Mexican sci-fi film called “Sleep Dealer”. So some of us went to see it this week — and I was blown away. The story’s premise is simple. In the near future, the border between the US […]

A few years ago I went to see “Avenue Q” on Broadway, mostly because I’d heard its funniest song used in a World of Warcraft machinima vid and thought any play that makes a song out of internet porn was a must-see. (…Yes, I’m a geek. If you didn’t know, now you know.) There was […]

I’ve been continuing to follow the casting controversy re “The Last Airbender” film by M. Night Shyamalan. The two main organizations of fans that arose to fight it, Aang Ain’t White and its sistercomm Racebending, have been working hard to try and get the word out about the casting and why it’s a problem, though […]

This started popping up on my FaceBook and LJ a few hours ago and I had intended to write a thoughtful post about it. But really, do I need to? Not just because others have done so, but because you really don’t need long and thoughtful to grasp this. Amazon is (and apprently has been […]

Reduce the Rate

Reduce the Rate

So, after a strange series of events that included Jesse Jackson kissing me on the forehead (twice!) and being in a press conference (airing this evening on Chicago stations) I’m apparently handling the viral marketing for Reduce The Rate. I’ll be pestering you all to plaster info all over creation about this movement to: * […]

You’re seeing the ABW on its new server.  We’re still working out the kinks and getting the design the way we like it, so things will be up to speed in a few days.

Moving Day!

Heads up fans and friends! The Angry Black Blog is moving!  Not a big move — it’s still going to be at, but the blog will no longer be hosted at I’m putting it on my own server, instead.  I’m going to do the physical move Friday, the DNS will probably be propagating […]

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