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Monthly Archives: May 2007

WisCon 31 – Cultural Appropriation

So. This one is going to require a lot of explanation. Get a drink. Now that you’re back! The Cultural Appropriation panel at this year’s WisCon was specifically a response to what went on at last year’s CA panel and the aftermath on the Internet.

WisCon Report the First

There is so much to say about WisCon! So many good things and good people and good conversations. If I just did one long con report, your eyes would glaze over by the time I was through with Friday. So I’m splitting things up into

My Header

Since I moved to WordPress and designed my own header, I’ve had several comments on it. Some people object to the image in the left corner — the black woman forcing the white woman into a position of submission. A few don’t like my South

WisCon 31

For those of you coming to this site because you’ve seen me on a pane or otherwise met me while running around: Hello! I’m going to reference a lot of posts during my panels, so I’ll list them here. Hope you stick around and contribute

State of the ABW

Thanks to everyone who offered support and condolences about my stolen backpack. I have some good news to report on that front. I got a call on Monday from the guy who had my bag! He returned it to me, all items intact. Phone, camera,

May 2007 Erase Racism Carnival

Welcome to the 12th Erase Racism Carnival! Sorry this edition is a little late. We had a few issues to deal with at ABW Central this weekend. This is a very media-heavy edition, mainly because media issues are very interesting to me. The summer movie

New York, One Hell of a Town

I’ve lived in New York off and on for almost 11 years and I’m very lucky in that I’ve never been mugged, maimed, or had someone break into my apartment. However, today I had someone steal something from me for the first time. I was

Erase Racism Carnival – Last Chance!

Reminder: Today is the deadline for Erase Racism Carnival. submissions. You can either submit by commenting in this post, or by emailing me here, or through the blog carnival submission form (be sure to choose the right carnival). I’ll be deadly silent this weekend until