It is a truth universally acknowledged that when three or more black women are engaged in conversation for more than fifteen minutes, they will start to exchange hair-care tips. Honestly, it’s uncanny. And in the spirit of that, here’s some of my ABW tips for Going into Battle with Your Natural Hair. (For the record: […]

These links are going up in the Required Reading (or, at the very least, a link to this) because I feel like both posts illuminate the core of how I feel about discourse around contentious issues such as racism and sexism and the pitfalls of said discourse. First, from the Carl Brandon Society’s Open Letter […]

As is often the case during major online blowups of one kind or another, I have lately found myself having to explain more often than I would care to the difference between “You said something racist” and “You are a racist.” Granted, a lot of people, including anti-racist activists, make a step from the first […]

Speaking of the CBS blog, I’d love it if people headed over to this entry about artists of color in the genre and added links to your favorites. If you’re an artist yourself, please also comment. Right now there are only two comments, which makes me a sad black woman!

Over the past month I’ve been putting together lists of speculative fiction short stories by writers of color for the Carl Brandon Society blog. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m also going to publish these lists here each month. Plus, I and others have been adding data to the Carl Brandon wiki, which […]

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the dust-up surrounding Justine Larbalestier’s latest novel, Liar. If you haven’t, you can start with Justine’s big post on the subject, and follow that up with this Publishers Weekly article, in which Bloomsbury has some very fascinating things to say. The short version: Justine Larbalestier, a fairly well-known […]

We talk a lot about racism in America (particularly the violent sort of racism usually tied into supremacy groups) and it tends to be viewed as the only “real” problematic behavior by a lot of people. A smaller set of conversations also recognize aversive racism (stereotypes, even “positive” ones are not okay and often are […]

…about all this “birther” crap, in which fine upstanding folk who are legitimate natural-born citizens of this fine country (the US of A, because we’re all from it or want to be from it, of course) incessantly and illogically question the fact that our president is also legitimately natural-born… …is that they’re not crazy. They’re […]

Hello, ABW readers! I’m Alaya, as the Angry Black Woman already said, and though I read plenty of blogs, I don’t blog myself. I hope to make the most of this opportunity! Here’s some of what particularly interests me: Literature, in pretty much all genres (I write fantasy and science fiction, mostly, but I will […]

Through the end of this month into August we’re going to have another guest blogger: author Alaya Dawn Johnson. You may remember Alaya from her guest post a couple of years ago during Black History Month. Alaya’s first book, Racing the Dark, is available now in hardback and will be out soon in paperback. She […]