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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Write-a-thon: All Done!

Some of you may remember several weeks back when I mentioned a writing marathon I was taking part in to raise money for the Clarion West writing workshop and the Octavia E. Butler scholarship. Well, the write-a-thon ended yesterday and I met all of my

How Prejudice and Bias works

One of the things that always crops up in vast discussions of racism, sexism, or prejudice of most kinds is the argument that businesses would never engage in biased, bigoted actions because it would be bad for the profit margin. The recent flare up in

Implicit associations = STEREOTYPES.

Guest blogger Nora again; howdy! With a short (for me) post! Some of you may have seen this article about how “implicit associations” (i.e., biases) impact medical treatment already. The gist of it is this: In the new study, trainee doctors in Boston and Atlanta took

So let’s just go back to segregation, then.

[Guest blogger Nora here. This is an adaptation of something I posted in my personal blog back in June, in reaction to the Supreme Court’s recent school desegregation decision. Occurred to me it might be of interest to folks here, too.] After hearing about the

Introducing: LadyJax

This week i’m attending the LaunchPad workshop in Wyoming.  I’ll let you know all about ti in detail when I get back.  Blogging will be light on my end since there’s no assurance of high speed internet access while we’re there.  So I arranged to

Open Thread

So, the comments on the Transformers thread are now off. It was getting ridiculous with the trolling and such. And also the having to teach Racism 101, which is time-consuming. Nora actually has a day job, whereas I spend all day looking at the Internet

More stereotypes than meet the eye

ABW’s Guest Blogger Nora here, with a brief rant. Belated happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans (and more belated Canada Day to our northerly neighbors). I don’t tend to do much for the 4th of July; I just kind of feel ambivalent about celebrating