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Introducing: LadyJax

This week i’m attending the LaunchPad workshop in Wyoming.  I’ll let you know all about ti in detail when I get back.  Blogging will be light on my end since there’s no assurance of high speed internet access while we’re there.  So I arranged to bring in another guest blogger to enlighten and entertain you all.  Please welcome LadyJax!

I met Jax for the first time this past WisCon and we hit it off right away.  Between her and Naamen, I laughed too, too much that weekend.  Lately she’s been trying to pull me into the world of fanfic reading.  Temptress!

I know I’m leaving you all in capable hands.  Jax and Nora both have keys to the castle and won’t hesitate to use them if need be.  I’ll try to log on when I can.  No getting crazy around here while I’m gone, kids.