The one thing you need to understand about The Angry Black Woman is that just because I’m angry doesn’t mean I hate everything. You need to get that in your head right up front.

This blog is anti-racism and anti-sexism. It’s anti-prejudice of all kinds, but I focus mainly on racism and sexism because I am a black woman.

There are three bloggers on this site. All of us are angry, black, and female. Only one of us is the Angry Black Woman.

Why am I angry? Lots of reasons. The aforementioned racism and sexism. The way that our culture perpetuates racism and sexism then lies about what it’s doing. The fact that minorities, poor people, immigrants (both illegal and legal), and other marginalized parties are still treated like the gum on the shoe of the white, male power structure in this country and yet we’re all told that things are getting better. Things are not getting better.

This blog is a safe space for talking about these and other related issues. Safe spaces need to be protected. Not from people who disagree, but people who abuse. I won’t tolerate abuse here. Because I’m angry.

It’s true that the Angry Black Woman is a negative stereotype. Black men don’t like us, white people fear us, and non-angry black women wish we would stop being so loud. Anger isn’t going to solve all of the world’s problems, true. Anger is sometimes an unhealthy emotion. Sometimes it’s not. We sometimes need to get angry to propel us toward positive change or to stop injustice and oppression. We can’t stop being angry until the fight is over. And the fight is far from over, kids.

Before you go commenting on this blog, I suggest you check out the Required Reading. It’s required for a reason. I also suggest you check out the Rules, because whether you break them in ignorance or not, you’ll still be treated the same way.

There are four different header images. Two are modified versions of “Angela Davis” by Jesus Barraza of The full image can be found here. The other two are pictures of a Sojourner Truth monument. The second has excerpts from her famous “Ain’t I A Woman?” speech.