This morning io9 posted my essay/review about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter wherein I criticized the movie for being a White Guilt Fantasy and full of fail. Predictably, the site’s many commenters rose up in protest of my assessment — which I’ll get to in a separate post — and also whipped out the tried and […]

I see a lot of “slavery is over, black people should move on” rhetoric on the internet. And mostly I roll my eyes & keep it moving. But I notice that people who say these things lack historical knowledge. They don’t know about the Red Summer in which race riots broke out in 36 cities. […]

The reason the entertainment industry’s support of SOPA / PIPA and stance on piracy and the market angers and annoys me is that they are trying to sell us the idea that millions is being lost along with jobs. Have you ever seen the pre-movie commercials where the Best Boy Grip or the Stunt Coordinator try […]

I meant to post this yesterday, but work things got in the way. Then the ever-wonderful Cleolinda posted the long, long post I was going to write and said everything I was going to say. So I’ll keep mine short. I suggest you click over to Cleolinda’s blog for the full story. Seriously. A few […]

This has been linked everywhere but I’m going to post it again because everything he says is true and this needs a signal boost to the sky. Perhaps when our alien overlords do finally come, they will spare some of us because of this man.

Today in my class we were trying to learn a camera technique. We decided to use funny youtube videos to illustrate the proper way to shoot the scenes we wanted. And my classmates decided that the Antoine Dodson videos were such GREAT candidates because man, wasn’t he SO FUNNY?!?!? I tried to point out the […]

Okay, so I think we all know about Taylor Swift being interrupted last year at the VMA’s right? Right. Kanye West caught all kinds of hell for it, and even for his subsequent apologies. So, then why is the video I linked her performance from this year’s show? You can’t convince me that you don’t […]

Is this really what Jesus would do? If your answer is yes, may I suggest the following: CHRISTIANITY: UR DOIN IT WRONG P.S. Dear Rick Lazio, as my mother used to say: God don’t like ugly.

I’ve been ruminating over my own experiences as a pretty woman for some time now. On the one hand it has definitely benefited me in some ways. I understand that it can benefit me in larger ways that I don’t necessarily notice or know about because of the reaction our society has to attractive people. […]

It’s not often I cede the floor to a white guy, but Keith makes some good points. Bottom line, this community center everyone is trying to get you up in arms about is: A) Not a mosque, and B) Not at Ground Zero. Oh, and one other thing: Ground Zero is not holy ground. It’s true […]