So yesterday while I was moderating comments and I came upon one that started like this: “As you can tell by my name I am a black man…” The name on the comment was Tyrell. My first thought? Tyrell doesn’t sound like a real name, it sounds like the kind of name people think sounds […]

Just noticed that there are now over 900 people who “Like” the Angry Black Woman on Facebook. Hooray! And apparently we have over 1,200 followers on Twitter. Also yay! I have not yet counted who’s currently following on Tumblr. Anyway, now that we’ve had a few days of constant content and we’re getting the band […]

This weekend I finally, finally got around to creating new headers for the blog. Overdue for well over a year, I know. There are four that will rotate randomly. Check the footer for information on the artist. I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning as a result of getting fired up during a conference this […]

Just a quick note to let our lovely readers know that I made the blog more smart phone friendly today. I installed a simple plugin that will detect what kind of browser you’re accessing the site with and serve a paired-down mobile version if you’re on a mobile browser. Posts will load faster as a […]

Stupid Hackers

Stupid Hackers

Late last week my ISPs server got hit by a hacker. I don’t think any of my sites in particular were compromised by the hack, but in order to protect everyone on our server, the ISP restored everything from a backup instead of trying to clean the malware the hackers left behind. The last backup […]

Part of my commitment to stop ignoring my poor blog and get on livening things up around here is a reassessment of some design aspects of the blog, including ads. Currently there are three places I’d marked for ads: the top left, lower down on the right, and the bottom of the RSS feed. The later two […]

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much, lately. Life stuff, work stuff, you know the drill. But this weekend at the WisCon feminist SF convention I and the other Angry Black Women promised unusualmusic that we would return from our life implosion-based quietness and begin contributing again. Not that she […]

so long, and thanks!

so long, and thanks!

As I am about to embark on my Great West Coast Adventure (starting with a three day cross-country train to Vancouver, would you believe it), I must bid farewell to the ABW. It’s been an educational experience, to say the least. I don’t know if I really have the constitution for regular blogging, but it […]

Hello, ABW readers! I’m Alaya, as the Angry Black Woman already said, and though I read plenty of blogs, I don’t blog myself. I hope to make the most of this opportunity! Here’s some of what particularly interests me: Literature, in pretty much all genres (I write fantasy and science fiction, mostly, but I will […]

Through the end of this month into August we’re going to have another guest blogger: author Alaya Dawn Johnson. You may remember Alaya from her guest post a couple of years ago during Black History Month. Alaya’s first book, Racing the Dark, is available now in hardback and will be out soon in paperback. She […]