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Monthly Archives: October 2009

The Low Cost of Being Racist

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names. You know, you’d think that at some point in this series of increasingly bad decisions it would have occurred to him that he was creating a public relations nightmare, if nothing else. But I guess this is

Taser Nation

Lets talk Tasers Taser advice: Don’t aim at target’s chest You don’t say? 44 Tasing related Death in the United States since the beginning of this year Here’s a list of blogs that are keeping up with the latest incidents involving police being assholes with

What do they tell the children?

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the terrifying scale of the racist hatred being directed toward Obama. Yesterday I saw this article, which implied that the Secret Service is struggling to keep up with threats against the president. Since Mr Obama took office, the

Health care IS an anti-racist issue.

(And feminist, and anti-classist, and pro-GLBTQI, and anti-ablist, and so on. It’s a human right.) Apologies for being so quiet lately, ya’ll. I’m up to my ears in writing books and writing grants to help me keep writing books and writing resumes to help me

Prison Diaries…A short linkspam

To start off, a couple of booksThe Real Cost of Prison Project Comics that have been thoroughly researched dealing with the War on Drugs, the cost of Prison Towns and how prison affects women and children. The Incarcerated Woman: Rehabilative Programming in Women’s Prisons (Paperback)

American Women Athletes Four: The Disability Post

We’ll start off with a general overview of the current situation of women athletes who are disabled. Gender Equality in Athletics and Sports:Disabled Women in Sports Getting interested and involved in sports is difficult for women and girls with disabilities because of the limited exposure

Last Drink Bird Head Award Nomination

Yes, that string of words in the subject line actually means something. Last Drink Bird Head is a charity anthology being put together by master anthologists Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. In their own words, The purpose of the awards is to celebrate those in the

National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

Sorry guys. I accidentally deleted the disabled women athletes’ post twice tonight and I am so frustrated and angry at myself right now that its probably best for me to step away from the computer, before I lose my temper and throw the contraption outside.