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Monthly Archives: March 2008

How to lose a voter in two easy steps

Step 1: Throw rocks from inside your glass house… Clinton: Wright ‘would not have been my pastor’ Did I miss her distancing herself from Ferraro and Steinem after their comments? Because last I heard she was still very close to both of them. And their

I’m Not The Doctor

I get a lot of emails from the Contact Me tab. Mainly I am happy to get them because I love email and emailing people. I don’t always get to answer everything because, as I said, I get a lot. But there are certain types

The Gospel of Race in America

Just so I can be safe in addressing Obama’s speech on race in America that he gave this morning, I’ve posted the video for those that haven’t heard it yet. Since he gave the speech I’ve been checking out the reactions in various places and

Do you know we can see you?

I’m tired of talking about racism. In feminism. In politics. In literature. In the media. In my daily life. But you know what? I don’t get the luxury of ignoring that it exists. No one of color gets to pretend that their skin color doesn’t

Racism in my feminism? You don’t say…

Hillary Clinton: Bow to the man, and take the vice presidency. Let our country heal. You will run in eight years and be unstoppable as a visionary world leader. You must pass through this filter first though: bow to the man. Now, I’ll bet reading