When a person or group does something to address the biases and imbalances in our culture, whether it be on a grand scale, in their own sphere of influence, or in themselves, this is a good thing. But doing so isn’t cause for celebration, congratulations, or a party. Why? Because it’s basic human decency. And […]

I bet you don’t remember part 1, do you? Here’s a reminder. I said back then that I was still trying to put my own feelings into words and hadn’t succeeded yet. Considering what’s been going on in the blogosphere lately I think it’s time to finally crystallize my thoughts. The problem I keep coming […]

So I get back from my little vacation and find that Black Amazon took down her blog. I don’t have a lot to say about that, because it should be obvious that it fucking angers me that white feminist bloggers (need I say ‘certain white feminists’? Or name some names? Nah, I’m sure y’all are […]

I don’t want to detract from the Seal Press debate, but I guess we’ll just have lots of things to discuss this weekend. Just saw this: the officers who shot Sean Bell and his friends more than 50 times have been acquitted.

So, I had just about decided not to speak on the Amanda Marcotte issue and the Seal Press issue because I figured everyone knew I supported BFP and didn’t think too much of Seal Press or their tactics. And I know I am absolutely not capable of much in the way of diplomacy or tact […]

Usually I try to craft these well reasoned posts complete with tons of links and back up data just so I can be assured that my audience is getting a complete picture. Today is not the day for that kind of post because I’m really just too pissed off by politics and politicians for words. […]

Saw this article by Juan Williams awhile back, referring to an interesting Pew Research Center poll of the African-American community on AA issues. What caught my attention in this piece was what Williams chose to focus on — most notably, his comments on hip hop culture. Williams is no fan of this culture, as he’s […]

I’ve been observing the furor over Obama’s comments about the “bitterness” of small-town/rural blue collar folks. And I’m honestly confused.

Fuck Seal Press. Fuck Salon Broadsheet. Fuck Amanda Marcotte. No seriously, Fuck You. How can I even begin to describe how annoyed I am with certain elements of the white feminist blogosphere right now? It’s going a bit beyond words. So much so that really, all I can find it in myself to say is […]

Poor, black families used as test subjects for sludge. This was done in the late 90′s. They didn’t tell any of the people in the study what exactly was meant by the term bio-solid, nor did they tell them of the potential health risks. I assume most people are aware of what happened at Tuskegee […]