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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Tired, but not Silent

My birthday is this Saturday. I’m celebrating by giving myself a break from blogging, moderation queues, and getting my blood pressure up about stuff on the Internet. However, I am not going away forever. not even going away for long. And in the meantime Karynthia

Allies Talking

I’ve been thinking about many things since the whole “Thank You, White People” post debacle and subsequent influx of white supremacists who seemed to come here with the intent of saying, “You thought you dealt with racists on a daily basis? HA! We’ll show you

Open Thread

As usually happens when a post blows up like Friday’s Thank You, White People, there is a lot of off-topic chatter that doesn’t need to be there. However, some of that chatter is interesting conversation, it’s just not about what the post is about. So

Thank You, White People

This needs to be said, and it’s a long time coming, so listen up: Thank you, White people, for all you’ve done for Blacks. Thank you for kidnapping and/or buying my ancestors in Africa, packing them onto ships where malnutrition, disease, anti-hygenic conditions, beatings, and

What is this “protection” of which you speak?

“Sexual assaults are frequent, and frequently ignored, in the armed services.” I have this insane urge to email Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA)and say “Duh!” This is old old news, but every few years someone rediscovers the reality that rapists join the military and we get