This update is mostly signal boosts. Next time, I’ll have a book review up for Neesha Meminger’s Into the Wise Dark! This children’s bookstore needs a makeover! Nnedi won a BEST NOVEL World Fantasy Award for Who Fears Death! Andrea Hairston is WisCon Guest of Honor AND a Tiptree Award winner! Nisi Shawl has several […]

I Got Your Book: Signal Boosts

I’m still reading — and enjoying Moondancer Drake’s Ancestral Magic. Until I get the chance to do an actual review, here’s a couple of fabulous signal boosts. :) Ahem! Delux_Vivens linked to Inside the Favelas Linda Addison has a new collection out, entitled How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend Katori Hall’s The […]

This here is a new series designed to boost the profile of SF authors of color. First up, we have a few signal boosts: Tobias Buckell is looking for help to fund Apocalypse Ocean, a Sly Mongoose novel. Ephemere is nearly done with Kandila  An excerpt from the horror collection Let’s Play White   A […]

Sister Song website Reproductive Justice: 101 Loretta Ross of SisterSong on “Reproductive Justice 101″ Part 1 Loretta Ross of SisterSong: Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective, gives a lecture on “Reproductive Justice 101″ in Miami during June of 2008, sponsored by Women’s Fund of Miami and Mi Lola. Check out their website at  

Hey you all. Been a while eh? Work and school have pulled me under, so I am a bit busy. However, have a few links: via: jhameia poor people aren’t supposed to want nice things I don’t know if you guys received the memo; but poor people aren’t supposed to want nice things. All rags-to-riches […]

There is an astonishing amount to read at these links, so there won’t be a lot: Blogging against Disabilism Day 2010 Just read everything. No really. Read everything. And then the BP Spill pulls up news about how Western thirst for oil plays out in one country in the Global South. First there was this: […]

Sorry guys. I accidentally deleted the disabled women athletes’ post twice tonight and I am so frustrated and angry at myself right now that its probably best for me to step away from the computer, before I lose my temper and throw the contraption outside. So while I’m recovering my equilibrium, PBS has got a […]

So I have the headache from hell, and I wasn’t able to finish the disabled women athletes post. I’ll try to get it up on Monday. In the meantime, environmentally friendly housing has been on my mind. These links are from two old posts I did last year: Cob Houses Pic from:Welsh Youth Forum on […]

I’ve had a little project in mind for a few weeks but I’ll need some help bringing it to fruition. As many of you know, when engaging in discussions about contentious topics such as race, gender, politics, oppression, etc., there are always clueless and/or privileged people who whip out arguments so often used and so […]

Before we head on the the subject of Trans women athletes, lets go back for an update on Caster Semanya. At the beginning of this controversy, Tami asked the question What do women look like? You magazine answered Dressed Up. Madeup. Heels. Wearing stereotypically feminine clothes. Softened. Muscles carefully hidden under stereotypically feminine clothes. And […]