Draw A Circle Around The One God Loves The Most


OBVIOUSLY it’s the plant….

 Wow. Just… wow.


Yahweh had a wife who was edited out of holy books

“You might know him as Yahweh, Allah or God. But on this fact, Jews, Muslims and Christians, the people of the great Abrahamic religions, are agreed: There is only o…

I’m probably not going to be willing to talk about this much after today. Because I have a life and responsibilities outside of fandom. Ones that are frankly much more likely to yield good results from time investment than arguing with dumb motherfuckers about basic civics lessons (the next person to make a free speech […]

Is this really what Jesus would do? If your answer is yes, may I suggest the following: CHRISTIANITY: UR DOIN IT WRONG P.S. Dear Rick Lazio, as my mother used to say: God don’t like ugly.

It’s not often I cede the floor to a white guy, but Keith makes some good points. Bottom line, this community center everyone is trying to get you up in arms about is: A) Not a mosque, and B) Not at Ground Zero. Oh, and one other thing: Ground Zero is not holy ground. It’s true […]

So, you want to help? Great. Here’s a list of charities. However if you feel the need to sound anything like Pat Robertson I’m going to need you to go sit down somewhere and be silent. The last thing anyone needs after a crisis is the bigots swooping in with lies to bolster their racism. […]

Angry Black Goddesses

Angry Black Goddesses

I practice a West African religious tradition known as Ifa or Orisha.  It’s very closely related to Vodun, Santeria, Lucumi, and similar traditions in the Western Hemisphere. Among the Ifa pantheon are many goddesses.  One could say they are black, as they originate in black Africa.  And at times one could say that they are […]

A few years ago at WisCon (the feminist SF convention) there was a panel about Cultural Appropriation that sparked an online discussion about the topic that is generally referred to as the Great Debate of DOOM. This was partly due to the wide-ranging nature of it (over 20 blogs, I believe) and due to the […]

September 15th was the 45 year anniversarry of the 16th Street Church Bombing.  Some background, for those who don’t know.  In 1963, a group of white men who were members of the KKK planted bombs in a black church on a Sunday morning.  When the bomb went off it destroyed a good portion of the […]

I came across this yesterday and, considering some of the things we were talking about in the Irrational Men thread, I thought many people would find this interesting. Why I am Not a Feminist, or “My Anti-Feminist Manifesto” 1. Being a woman, and being a woman of color, and being a Muslim, I choose to […]