(crossposted from my personal blog) I know that pointing out RoF Fail is a little like kicking a puppy, but you know how it is when Nick Mamatas sends you a link clearly meant to induce blog-worthy rage — you just have to accommodate him. So, LJ user torrain was reading the latest issue of Realms of Fantasy and […]

So apparently this month is LGBT Pride Month. I therefore snagged this from ontd political which gives the info that it was first put together by students of Earlham College and then link-enhanced by the current poster. Do I need to mention the part where ‘phobic assholes of any kind will be summarily deleted and […]

I’ve been struggling with writing this post for some time now. On the one hand there are things I feel need to be said about the treatment of Caster Semenya (especially in light of the news that she has been placed under a suicide watch), on the other hand I don’t want to add to […]

In the October 15th issue of Newsweek I read a little sidebar piece on Race & Gender titled “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. At no small personal cost, Anucha Browne-Sanders stood up and demanded an end to the kind of abuse African-American women regularly tolerate from some black men. We are not “bitches” or “ho’s” […]

Let’s talk about Rudy Giuliani for a bit. Yeah, I know he’s a Republican and you all know I’m a liberal, so why am I talking about Rudy? I’m so glad you asked. This is the first wide-open election in a really long time. The first in my lifetime, certainly, when both the Republican and […]

A couple of updates on issues of concern. First, though I didn’t blog about it, I was aware of the whole Glamour magazine editor calls natural hairstyles “political” and “totally so dumb!” Okay, I’m paraphrasing. People were pissed, blogs were snarky, and there were even some efforts to identify said editor. Finally, the Editor-in-Chief of […]

You’ve all seen American Apparel ads, haven’t you? The ones with the skimpy girls lolling about because they haven’t eaten in days and expended the last of their energy shaving their pits and pubes? The company owned by the guy with questionable morals and crappy attitudes about women (explanation [PDF])? Yeah, that’s the one. Anyway, […]