Addendum to the It’s Pledge Time Again/NPR post: Local NPR responds National NPR responds In other news, someone very smart had some very interesting things to say about the new TV season in this here online magazine.

So, over in the comment thread on the Billy Ray post there’s a commenter named Anthony who stumbled upon my little blog while Googling on Billy Ray’s name. At first, Anthony seems like a pretty upstanding guy. He expresses outrage that such terrible things can happen and even goes so far as to threaten bodily […]

No new content this weekend, sorry. That’s because I want to draw some attention to stuff already posted on the blog that I think deserves some more attention and discussion. Comments, mostly, and some posts. Also, this is an Open Thread, say what you want to me! I can take it. Monday Debate : Affirmative […]

TGIF – Comment Highlights

The weekend is here, and that means I am having too much fun to blog! Instead, I’ll highlight some of the very interesting comments people have made in the past week or so. If you’re reading the posts but not the comments, you’re missing out on some great discussions. From Black Hair Etiquette Guide My […]