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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Food sovereignty Part 1: Land Grabs Rich vs Poor

This is just the week for me to be pissed off at the world, apparently. The Great Land Grab PDF Farm Land Grab One of the best resources, but is having bandwidth troubles. GRAIN statement at the joint GRAIN-La Via Campesina media briefing For over

Linkspam Hollywood FAIL edition

Is there ever a time when Hollywood is not FAILing? First up, What these people need is a honky syndrome goes off planet in: James Cameron’s Avatar Lawd ha’ mercy internets. Lord ha mercy. Because Hollywood sure as hell won’t. You know, a lot of

Race, Psychology, and Family Dynamics

Someday someone will explain to me this fascination America has with the idea that Michelle Obama has white relatives like it’s remotely unusual for a descendant of slaves in America. I notice with all the talk of “So and so was impregnated by X slaveowner”

The Appropriateness of Appropriation

In the wake of unusualmusic’s ever-so-fun linkspam, let’s talk about cultural appropriation! Again. (C’mon, you know you love it.) Or not. I’ve become aware in recent months of a growing movement in the creative world that I’m going to call, for lack of a better