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Monthly Archives: June 2008

On News & Notes Again Today

Hey everyone, sorry for the silence on my part.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff in life (including settling in to my new fabulous job!) so I haven’t had the time to post what with the whirlwind.  Things are calming down now and

On Racism, Media, and the Presidential Race

So I was going to comment on the racism that’s flying fast and furious at the Obama’s this week. But then John Scalzi went off for me. So since I don’t have anything to say that can top this beautiful beatiful rant I’m just going

What I’m audacious enough to hope for

So Obama’s finally the party nominee, with a 50% chance of actually becoming the President of the United States. Dare I hope for it? Of course. But I’ll be blunt: Obama’s far more conservative than I like. I know he needs to be that way

History Has Been Made…And It Is Bittersweet

I’m almost afraid to watch the news tonight. Everyone is saying that the Dem race is over and Obama has the nomination. What do I mean by everyone? I mean McCain recognized him as his official opponent and meanwhile Hillary is making sure everyone knows

Lies, All Lies!

Oh, best intentions! Due to the fact that I have a record amount of work to do (setting up a store for a new client, plus getting to things that were not gotten to before WisCon) my post is delayed! sadness. Never fear, it is