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Monthly Archives: March 2007

It’s like trying to find Waldo

Happened across a post yesterday about the Center for the Study of Science Fiction’s summer workshops for short story and novel writers. The short story workshop is mainly taught by James Gunn. The workshop group is collectively called the “Young Guns”. Now, take a look

How do these people find me?

So, over in the comment thread on the Billy Ray post there’s a commenter named Anthony who stumbled upon my little blog while Googling on Billy Ray’s name. At first, Anthony seems like a pretty upstanding guy. He expresses outrage that such terrible things can

Why put race into the picture?

A few weeks ago during the insanity of my 11,000 hit Barack church post, a new reader graced my little blog with his opinions. Over in the About area, he asked: Haha this may pose as some clarification for the less-informed “so to say?”… I

About Blogging

I spent the weekend thinking about blogging. Okay, that’s not true. Technically I spent the weekend preparing for a dinner party, eating duck, writing in a café, and spending too much on food. But while I was doing all that, I was thinking about blogging.

Engaging in Stereotypes

It seems that there’s an entire country on CP* time: More than 28 million Peruvians are being asked to synchronise their watches – to cure chronic problems of lateness. The entire South American nation has been ordered to break with centuries of tradition by attempting