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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Get ABW on your Kindle

In an effort to give you as many ways of reading our awesome blog as is possible, we’re now also publishing a Kindle edition. You can subscribe to The Angry Black Woman for $1.99/month and it will be delivered wirelessly to your fancy Amazon-branded eReader.

Iran and American Imperialism

I haven’t said anything about the situation in Iran, mostly because I don’t feel qualified to speak about it. I’m watching it, though, following the Twitter feeds obsessively and learning as much as I can about Iran’s history. I’ve been finding fellow blogger Richard Jeffrey

Michael Jackson: Speak A Good Word

Michael Jackson died yesterday. I wish I could say this came as a shock. Though I didn’t know anything about his health or recent condition, somehow I just found myself unsurprised. And profoundly sad. In deciding to write this, I went through many thoughts on

Beauty, Media, and Babies

So, a few months ago my husband took an illustration gig. That project is now published and it is a really good book for little black girls who need to remember that they are beautiful just the way they are. When he took the commission

Original ABWs: Harriet Tubman

I was born in the Seventies, and my parents did the proper post-Civil-Rights-Era childrearing thing of bombarding me with Afrocentricity from birth, since they knew I’d get soaked in Eurocentricity once I hit school-age. So I didn’t read “traditional” Grimm-esque fairy tales until I was

OEB Day!

Today is Octavia E. Butler’s birthday.  If she were still alive, she’d be 62 and awesome.  She wrote science fiction and fantasy, and one of her aims was to change the world with it.  I think she did.  I think she still does. I was

Dear Father

Today is Father’s Day.  So I called my mother. My mother mostly raised me and my two younger sisters by herself.  Dad divorced us when I was eight years old.  He moved to a town half an hour away, and I rarely saw him, despite promised weekend visits.  The Friend