I’ve been thinking about many things since the whole “Thank You, White People” post debacle and subsequent influx of white supremacists who seemed to come here with the intent of saying, “You thought you dealt with racists on a daily basis? HA! We’ll show you what REAL racism is!” And they did. One of my […]

In the wake of Super Tuesday, had been contemplating a long angsty post about media coverage of Latino/a and Asian voters and their supposed unwillingness to vote for a black man. (Except it’s only the older ones, and only those of a certain socioeconomic status, and only women, and only… wait, you mean there isn’t […]

Linky Carnival

Since was a little messed up this weekend some of you may have missed a post or two.  Never fear, I am here to point you toward all the angry black goodness. First, there’s my review of Acacia (fantasy… with brown people!  omg) and an excerpt from my interview with the author. Next, my […]

Guest blogger Nora, with a heads-up: Not getting enough hot and smexxy race-related discussion here on ABW? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s International Blog Against Racism Week again! Last year’s IBARW was an impromptu event that pretty much boiled out of the confluence of a Wiscon panel, a multi-blog-discussion on cultural appropriation that got […]

Welcome to the 12th Erase Racism Carnival! Sorry this edition is a little late. We had a few issues to deal with at ABW Central this weekend. This is a very media-heavy edition, mainly because media issues are very interesting to me. The summer movie season is starting to heat up and this season’s television […]

Erase Racism Carnival – Last Chance!

Reminder: Today is the deadline for Erase Racism Carnival. submissions. You can either submit by commenting in this post, or by emailing me here, or through the blog carnival submission form (be sure to choose the right carnival). I’ll be deadly silent this weekend until the carnival is out.

New carnival coming up — the People of Colour SF Carnival. I think it’s an excellent idea for these reasons: Because Lt. Uhura should have had more lines. (ST: TOS) Because Kevin Sorbo was jealous of Keith Hamilton Cobb and wrote him out. (Andromeda) Because among other butchery, the SciFi Channel made Ged white. (EarthSea) […]

Judging from the submissions in my inbox, some people are already aware that I’m hosting May’s Erase Racism Carnival. It’ll go up May 20th and the deadline for submissions is the 18th. For those who don’t know: Erase Racism is a carnival dedicated to ending racism, White Supremacy, and unearned privilege There’s no particular theme […]