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Monthly Archives: January 2008

The Missing Black Woman Formation

Apropos of Monday’s political post, I wanted to point out some interesting blog posts. A few weeks ago, author and friend Scott Westerfeld posted this excerpt from his novel So Yesterday: A focus group of cool-hunters has just been shown a new sneaker advertisement, and

Oh that black history!

February is coming up soon and that means Black History Month stuff will abound. While it is a bittersweet time of year for us black folks, it does serve as a reminder, even to ourselves, to go beyond the surface of our history in America

The Prodigal Blogger

You may have noticed the light posting around here lately. Sorry about that. The holidays kicked my ass, among other problems. Lately I’ve also been feeling pretty blah about doing political blogging, which makes me feel guilty because I said I’d do it. Then I

Which came first, my uterus or my skin?

Lots of bloggers have been commenting on Gloria Steinem’s opinion article in the NYTimes a few days back. I can’t comment on it; I’m too angry. But the rest o’ ya’ll? Feel free. =) 1/16 edit: Looks like the politicians, amazingly, are trying to be

It Begins…

It’s Iowa Caucus day. The first vote of the primary season for the 2008 election. The first indication of what’s to come. Though I am interested in politics, I must admit I am damn tired of this business already. However, I am glad that some