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Feature Blog: FWD/Forward (feminists with disabilities for a way forward)

There was a blowup in the feminist blogosphere recently on the lack of intersectional recognition and dealing with disability. I’ve have not been following it as well as I should have, but one of the posts I read mentioned FWD/Forward In it’s About section, the contributors explain their mission:

FWD/Forward is a group blog written by feminists with disabilities. It is a place to discuss disability issues and the intersection between feminism and disability rights activism. The content here ranges from basic information which is designed to introduce people who are new to disability issues or feminism to some core concepts, to more advanced topics, with the goal of promoting discussion, conversation, fellowship, and education.

This site does not claim to speak for all feminists with disabilities. However, we are trying to cultivate a broad perspective which incorporates as many experiences and viewpoints as possible. We have attempted to assemble a diverse team of contributors with a broad spectrum of disabilities who come from different cultural, racial, religious, and class backgrounds, as well as age groups, and we welcome contributions such as guest posts, suggestions for article topics, and engagement in the comments from people interested in disability issues, disability feminism, and related topics, especially if those contributions will broaden our perspective.MORE

I learned a lot and I think that lots of people could too. Which is why I am highlighting this blog specifically. And I encourage you all to go there and read everything else, cause what I linked is but a fraction of the stuff there.

Defining Disability

Why Inclusionary Language Matters

Conceptualizing disability

How do we understand this experience?

What does it mean to heal?

It’s Your Fault: Socially Acceptable Disability and Popular Causes

What can I do?

What we talk about when we talk about language

Ableist word profile: Retarded

Ableist Word Profile: Cretin

Ableist Word Profile: Idiot

Ableist Word Profile: Lame

Ableist Word Profile: Hysterical

Ableist Word Profile: What’s your damage?

Ableist Word Profile: You’re so OCD! (This series is ongoing, so you can check back every week for more.)

Be excellent visitors, please. Got questions? Check to see if they have been answered in other posts. Got the urge to troll? Don’t. Let’s be cool, k?

2 thoughts on “Feature Blog: FWD/Forward (feminists with disabilities for a way forward)”

  1. Chally says:

    Thank you so much for the linkage. :)

  2. Reileen van Kaile says:

    Also chiming in with thanks for the linkage. The -isms that are strongly present in many insults has been an area of interest of mine for a while, and the blog posts you linked will surely help.

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