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Taser Nation

Lets talk Tasers

Taser advice: Don’t aim at target’s chest You don’t say?

44 Tasing related Death in the United States since the beginning of this year

Here’s a list of blogs that are keeping up with the latest incidents involving police being assholes with tasers. Click on, scroll down, and if you are aware of any that I missed, tell me in the comments. In the meantime, I go to some sleep.

Gizmondo Taser tag

Electricity is for Light Bulbs

TNT..Truth, not Tasers

Excited Delerium

Police Brutality Blog about all kinds of police brutality.

Tasered While Black

Taser Watch

Prevent Dangerous Harm: Amnesty International Report

One thought on “Taser Nation”

  1. says:

    In “Excited Delerium”, the word “Delirium” is spelled wrong.

    It would be better listed as “ (don’t forget the dash)”.

    The link directly to the blog itself is correct. Or you can link to if you wish.

    It’s important to mention the dash because Taser International’s own lawyer has registered many similar URLs. That’s a story in itself. One doesn’t want to get misdirected based on a spoken version of the name. Thus the emphasis on the dash.

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