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Stupid Hackers

Late last week my ISPs server got hit by a hacker. I don’t think any of my sites in particular were compromised by the hack, but in order to protect everyone on our server, the ISP restored everything from a backup instead of trying to clean the malware the hackers left behind. The last backup was to 9/13, so we lost at least one post and comments on several others and that lost post. Sorry some of the discussion went down the tubes due to this. Please feel free to repost those lost comments if you like. And if you can find a cache of comments, please save and let me know. I’ll re-add them myself if I can.

Fortunately my ISP is very on the ball with this kind of thing, keeping backups of everything in case of something like this. But now I’m looking into ways to automatically backup and download posts and comments to my home computer just in case something like this happens again. I doubt any backup I had before would have been as fresh as theirs, but maybe something can alleviate that problem.

One thought on “Stupid Hackers”

  1. Legible Susan says:

    Karnythia’s post is still visible in my RSS reader; so are 18 comments more recent than the ones in your sidebar. I guess the software doesn’t delete old entries straight away if they disappear from the site. Is this information still stored in Feedburner? If not, I think you can get at it using Google Reader (when I imported subscriptions to there, it fetched recent entries back to some date, 30 days I think, as long as there aren’t more than 60 in a given feed).

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