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What Blogs Should I Read?

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much, lately. Life stuff, work stuff, you know the drill. But this weekend at the WisCon feminist SF convention I and the other Angry Black Women promised unusualmusic that we would return from our life implosion-based quietness and begin contributing again. Not that she hasn’t been doing a fabulous job here. I don’t tell her enough how much I appreciate her hard work.

So, the first step on my end is to get back into reading blogs again on a regular basis. But since I’ve been out of the habit I only have a few core blogs on my list when I know that I used to read more. Plus there are new blogs that I haven’t come across but I’m sure are wonderful. So I’m humbly asking for your suggestions.

Tell me what blogs you read and enjoy or that make you think or even that make you angry. I’m looking to add blogs that deal with race and/or gender, but those blogs don’t have to be political (often they are, but it’s not a requirement). Group blogs, individual bloggers, the whole gamut. And, of course, political blogs. Also, art, music, or writing blogs by people of color and/or women.

Leave suggestions in the comments, and don’t be afraid to suggest your own blog. There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion!

26 thoughts on “What Blogs Should I Read?”

  1. shannon says:

    Mostly gender and fandom but occasionally race and fandom. Or maybe it’s all just squee.

    a small small business blog. I post on happy black girl day monthly

  2. Progressive Scholar says:

    I’ll take this opportunity to do some self-promotion:

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

  3. Corinne says:

    I really like The Hathor Legacy (feminism in pop culture) and FWD/Forward (feminism/anti-ablism). Both tend to be pretty good about race and intersectionality, as well.

  4. Pamela says:

    Happy to hear that you are back! Write on!

  5. Sigrid Ellis says:

    Fantastic Fangirls (I write for it) is a group blog discussing comics, women, and culture. Considering how strongly you and I disagree on some aspects of feminism, you may find it more infuriating than not, but I still recommend you give it a try. Our book club post is coming up next week, which is a decent entry point.

    Heroine Content reviews genre movies and rates them according to issues of racism and feminsism.

    Red Carpet Superhero is a fashion commentary blog discussing which red carpet celebrities are dressed like superheroes or supervillains.

  6. Sarah says:

    I would of course love for you to read my blog (!

    And also, another one of my faves is I Blame the Patriarchy:

  7. olga says:

    I like to read a LOT of the ones on but my favorites are Pharyngula, which is PZ Myers’ blog (he’s a prominent biologist and atheist advocate), and Orac, which is the anti-quackery and anti-pseudoscience blog of an anonymous surgeon.

    For fun, I read TYWKIWDBI and Cynical-C and of course the unavoidable BoingBoing.

    And for politics… Ta-Nehisi Coates and Balloon juice.

    Lots more, but if I wrote them all here it would take all day. Hope you enjoy :)

  8. olga says:

    oops, the link for the last one was

  9. Sumayyah Talibah says:

    You should read Sumayyah Said So over at Poems, short stories, and an essay or two, written by ME, a Black American Muslim wife and mother.

  10. WrittenbyBene says:

    First let me say I commend you for having the courage to title your blog Angry Black Woman. You are a brave soul for wearing that title proudly, lol.

    I’m going to do a shameless self promotion here and suggest my blog: My latest post was featured on; and let’s just say I’ve pissed off a lot of angry negroes. I’m not too political, but I do write about culture and the BM/BW dynamic.

    Other blogs I enjoy:,, and

    1. Cocoa Fly says:

      You wrote the article about dumbing down to date a man right?

  11. Rachel V says:

    Not a fluffy fashion blog, just a down-to-earth, how to find what looks good on you, type of fashion blog.

    She spent a year asking a question every day and now she posts random bits about self-confidence, negotiation, etc. I’ve become pro-active about asking for what I want after reading it.

    She became “famous” after the Google Buzz privacy issues and I still follow her. She keeps me on my toes in regard to owning the various privileges I have.

    It’s a rare type of personal blog that talks about white privilege without talking *about* white privilege. Like, she’s not particularly political in the way that some of the larger political blogs are, but we share similar values with respect to owning our privilege. I’ve learned about empathy from her, too. She’s also a book critic.

  12. cabert says:

    Some smaller gender-related blogs I have in my reader:

  13. Karen says:

    These are on my daily blog list:

    The Angry Asian Man:
    The Field Negro: <— caution
    The Model Minority:
    Stuff White People Do (very different from Stuff White People Like) :
    The Beautiful Struggler:
    Black Girl Lost…In a Book:
    Dahlak Braithwaite blog:
    Adriel Luis Blog:
    Colorlines magazine website:

  14. A Very Public Sociologist says:

    Self promotion? Yes please!

    AVPS is a Brit-based hard left blog that writes about political, social and cultural issues. It comes with a heavy dollop of sociology and frivolity. Has occasionally commented on gender and feminism too.

  15. King Rat says:

    I’ve liked Aaron Bady’s blog, though sometimes he gets way too intellectual for me to understand. Politics, Africa, literature, and sometimes pop culture.

  16. Kit (Keep It Trill) says:

    Hi. I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and found we have some overlapping interests with environmentalism. I also like your writing style. I blogrolled you then, and left a couple comments. Frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t crossed paths sooner.

    I’d you and others to visit my blog, Keep It Trill. I write about in-depth political, environmental, and health issues and do personal essays. As a rule, I try to look as many sides of an issue as possible. People either love or hate my work.

    The Gulf Oil Catastrophe taken a heavy spotlight on my blog since May. You might want to start with the Global Ocean Conveyor Belt. It has information in it that the MSM still isn’t saying much about or explaining. Otherwise start with whatever current post I have and breeze through them if/when you get a chance.

  17. P. G. Dudda says:

    I’m very fond of FWD/Forward (Feminists with Disabilities for a way forward) at

  18. nic says:

    I’d suggest 3rd Smartest Man as it has some relevant arguments and gets to the core of some inter-connected issues. i think the write also has linked to you at least once.

  19. Laina Dawes says:

    Read mine! Writing is Fighting:

    A mix of racial and social commentary and extreme music journalism – album and concert reviews(I’m a music journalist) and just completed a book on black women in Metal, Hardcore and Punk – should be out early next year. Updated weekly.

  20. Cocoa Fly says:

    Hi ABW,
    I’m making changes on my blog too. My site is turning into a news site for women with original reporting and interviews. I’m a journalist and used to be a producer for NPR’s “News and Notes.” But my BABY is my Cocoa Fly News podcast. The first show I’m report on Immigration and Interracial Dating. You can listen to Cocoa Fly News on iTunes or here:


  21. theangrywhitesister says:

    if you’re interested in hearing more from women/queer people with revoluntionary politics, definitely check us out at

    me and my friend are students at CCSU in connecticut and just decided to start up this blog together. we do local & national anti-war activism, so right now we’re working on uploading print copies of speeches/talks that we’ve given in the recent past. eventually, we hope to upload footage from protests and guerrilla activism that we do… we’re young and just getting started, but it will be exciting to watch us grow!

  22. Liv Scott says:

    I read dozens of blogs, and personally I use Google Reader to keep track of them :) I read everything from Feministing, Resisting Racism, Bi-Furious, Bitch, Ph.D., Change Happens: The SAFER Blog, FWD/foward, 365 Gay News, Bi Social Network, Jack and Jill Politics, Men Can Stop Rape, Pam’s House Blend, Queerty, Racialicious, Shakesville, The Bilerico Project, The Curvature, the Hathor Legacy, Huffington Post, TransGriot, Washington Blade, Womanist Musings, Slate Magazine, RHRealityCheck, Queers United, Revolutionary White Girl, and more, I can send you the whole list if you want :)

  23. Angela says:

    I like and

    The first because it’s dramatic, racy and supposedly true. The second because it makes me laugh. Keep on rocking. :)

  24. jellybean14 says:

    Hello! Long time lurker and 1st time poster. I recommend Alienated Conclusions at which deals mainly with race, gender and sexuality. Although now it is invitation only, and as a lurker i don’t know how to get an invitiation!!!

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