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Write-a-thon: All Done!

Some of you may remember several weeks back when I mentioned a writing marathon I was taking part in to raise money for the Clarion West writing workshop and the Octavia E. Butler scholarship. Well, the write-a-thon ended yesterday and I met all of my goals! 4 new stories and 2 revised stories, all in just 6 weeks. The new stories are very, very rough, but they exist. The two revised stories will go to some magazine or other soon.

If you sponsored me, thanks so much! If I didn’t tell you where to send the check, let me know. If you’d like to sponsor me still, since I reached all of my goals, email me.

This has been a tough six weeks and, as you may have noticed, posting was light. I should resume my normal schedule now. As much as I love writing, it will be nice not to have to produce something every single week. Though I am inspired to try and set a “story every two weeks” goal. At least one a month, surely.