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Just call me your friendly neighbourhood linkmistress :)

Hi guys!!! *waves excitedly* So Tempest requested that I introduce myself. This has been giving me a bout of writer’s block all week, because I really do hate talking about myself on the internets. Face to face, fine. Internets? Not so much. *eyerolls* However, I have decided to narrow it down to the following:

1. My name is unusualmusic

2. I read a lot.

3. I link a lot of what I read into my blog.

4. Which is the reason why Tempest asked me to be a guest blogger (which I still can’t believe! SQUUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!) Um, Ahem.

So. Over the weekends, I’ll be providing you all with a pile of hopefully interesting links to stuff dealing with politics, int’l affairs, atheism, religion, racism, feminism, womanism, environmentalism, education, class, sexay men and women, comics, books, movies, basically any and everything that catches my interest that maybe you all might be interested in as well. Hope you enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “Just call me your friendly neighbourhood linkmistress :)”

  1. Sanguinity says:


  2. maevele says:

    yay! all he cool girls are angry black women now!

  3. Noir says:

    ooh, linkmistress!

  4. nojojojo says:

    Welcome!! (Love you on LJ!)

  5. unusualmusic says:

    @ one and all: Thanks for the welcome!

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