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Rebuttles to Stupid Statements

I read Steven Barnes’ blog and wonder why I bother to blog at all… he says it all and then says a little bit more. He rocks. Slavery Was Fair To Slaves. Yeah, Right. Over the weekend, I spoke with one of the few black

More Judges Who Get It

Negro Leagues players’ payments upheld Major League Baseball is entitled to pay former Negro Leagues players $10,000 a year and provide medical coverage as compensation for their exclusion from the big leagues, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday, rejecting a reverse-discrimination suit from a group

See, I’m not the only one!

Even if you don’t live in New York, you should know about Overheard in New York and New York Overheard. I can’t breathe for laughing while reading the entries on these sites. What makes it even more fun is that, as a denizen of this

The White Minority

I live in California. San Diego to be exact. For those of you who never paid attention in geography class or are from Canada, San Diego is right on the border with France. Or Mexico, I forget which one. Either way, lots of people leave

Radio Fans

For those of you coming due to the JV & Elvis thing, here’s an open thread just for you. Scream at me all ya want!

Radio Silence

Sorry for the long silence folks. I had a crazy 3 weeks trying to get work done before my 2 week vacation. I didn’t have time to be angry.