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See, I’m not the only one!

Even if you don’t live in New York, you should know about Overheard in New York and New York Overheard. I can’t breathe for laughing while reading the entries on these sites. What makes it even more fun is that, as a denizen of this great city, I know that people do indeed say these things. It’s the ultimate for snippets taken out of context. Even in context it’s hilarious.

This is my favorite, recently:

Queer on cell: That show is so fucking white, it just makes me want to vomit. It’s just all these white women; what the fuck is up with that? It reminds me of science fiction.

–51st & Lexington

See, I’m not the only one who’s noticed this.

Also included in the same post:

Black guy: See, this is the problem with you women! Never tell a brother what he wants to hear. I should marry a white girl. move to Connecticut.

–Q train

Overheard by: a white girl

My second favorite is this:

Asian guy: Teddy Roosevelt, there was a man. Out of the days when men could club women over the head and drag them off.

Asian chick: Hmm.

Asian guy: What I’m saying is — my thesis is — the position I’m taking is — the argument I’m making is — there’s never been a successful matriarchal society.

Asian chick: Hmm.

Asian guy: Byron “The Whizzer” White! He was a man. He could do it all. Feminism is bullshit. That’s what I love about you. I can’t talk like this around most girls.

Asian chick: Hmm.

–Tony’s Di Napoli, 84th & 2nd

*dying* Go read!