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2 thoughts on “Radio Fans”

  1. Richard Kish says:

    My Fellow Human Being:

    I will refer to you by name, if you’ll share yours with me :)

    I’m not going to scream at you. It’s very hard to stand up and speak out about something that is bothering you and affecting your life. I have respect for you, based on the fact that you’re willing to make your feelings known and are allowing ANYONE to feedback.

    I give JV and Elvis a lot of credit for allowing you to come online to address issues that you might have had with them, etc. I only started listening to them this week and so far, they seem like good guys who can be funny and entertaining. That’s all I can ask. I think you presented yourself as well as one could hope and “the boys” seemed to receive you in a pleasant and respectful manner.

    I read the article about the black NYC firefighter and was really surprised by the entire ordeal, but sadly, not surprised by the way it was handled. People can be very callous and insensitive…thanks for sharing that story, as I had missed it on the news.

    Just to give you an idea of “who I am”…I’m a 47 year old white Network Administrator for a school district in Orange County, NY. I’m married to a full blooded Chinese woman and have two beautiful boys, ages 3 and 6. As I have told my wife (and now you) many times is, I can NOT imagine what you’ve had to put up with as a person of color, as I have NEVER had to deal with any of these issues. My wife has had to put up with a lot of callous and insensitive crap from some of the same jerks that I’m sure you’ve also dealt with.

    The biggest “bummer” that I’ve had to deal with, having married “out of my race”, is the fact that when we are together, most people will tend to talk to the “blue-eyed white boy” and sometimes totally ignore my wife. I can only imagine how she feels, but will NEVER be able to experience the hurt that she and you must feel.

    It’s easy for people to call you “uppity” and a “black bitch”. Let them walk in your shoes for ONE DAY and see how they feel about your reactions to this biased world that we live in.

    I will end with a story about a “neighbor” of mine. There is a black gentleman who lives locally and makes his living as a roofer. He does “odd jobs” for a second source of income and has done some work for me. I was walking back from assisting him with a ladder and he said hello and waved to a neighbor (he’s originally from the South, where people are more openly friendly). He was ignored and then he turned to me and said, “If they don’t answer back, I won’t say hello the next time”. That is also my philosophy with people, but my heart went out to him. A wonderfully nice person who has politely dealt with all the racist reactions and has still maintained his composure and respect.

    I will not “suck up” to anyone, especially those that have slighted my wife and others of color or any other “differences” from the white trash that I have seen.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this…you can call me Rich :)

    Good luck and enjoy your life!


  2. the angry black woman says:


    Thanks so much for your thoughts. I did enjoy my little chat with JV&E and they were pretty cool. Much better than I was expecting.

    Contrary to what most people probably think, I don’t spend all of my time hating on white people. I have a lot fo friends of many different backgrounds and colors who I consider to be enlightened and smart. They, like you, understand that they can’t know exactly what it is to be a minority, but they do their best in trying to understand and be supportive. your wife and kids are lucky to have a guy like you.

    Thanks for commenting, I hope you stick around. As to my name – I leave that out for now. However, if you read my older posts carefully, you might be able to find my posts on other site where I use my (sort of) real name. I don’t mind if people find out who I am, but I do make them work for it ;)


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