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The White Minority

I live in California. San Diego to be exact. For those of you who never paid attention in geography class or are from Canada, San Diego is right on the border with France. Or Mexico, I forget which one. Either way, lots of people leave their respective regions to live in California because it’s better than the craphole they were born in. I know California is better because I once flew on a plane to somewhere else and it sucked. Like, really bad.

Comedy gold found here via Sex and Race.

One thought on “The White Minority”

  1. Richard Kish says:

    My brother in law lives in Irvine. As I metioned earlier, my wife is Chinese and she and her siblings were born in NYC and lived in Brooklyn. Her brother tells me that there are MANY more Asians in California and Irvine, so it’s much easier to “fit in” out there, than it is here in the East.

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