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Mirror Universe

You would think that any headline reading: John McCain ‘endorsed by al-Qaeda supporters’ Would actually be from the Onion.  Or something the McCain campaign would say about Obama.  But no. In a message broadcast on the password-protected al-Hesbah site, the group said they would also

Officers in Sean Bell shooting acquitted

I don’t want to detract from the Seal Press debate, but I guess we’ll just have lots of things to discuss this weekend. Just saw this: the officers who shot Sean Bell and his friends more than 50 times have been acquitted.

Which came first, my uterus or my skin?

Lots of bloggers have been commenting on Gloria Steinem’s opinion article in the NYTimes a few days back. I can’t comment on it; I’m too angry. But the rest o’ ya’ll? Feel free. =) 1/16 edit: Looks like the politicians, amazingly, are trying to be

Getting Attention is Nice

Just tooting my own horn a bit here.  And mostly because I’m kind of flabbergasted at some of the things I’m finding lately. Firstly, back in September Electronic Village named me as one of the Top 10 Black Bloggers on the internet (ranked via Technorati

The Grass is Always Greener

Earlier this month, black British actor David Harewood published an essay in the Guardian lamenting the lack of media attention for the “Black BAFTAS” and the lack of black actors on British television. …in Britain, TV and film producers and directors are still nervous about

Labor Day

Enjoy your day off, Laborers. I am spending the day laboring. No holidays for freelancers, unfortunately. I was going to post about the Jenna 6 today, but that’s still in the works. Tomorrow, certainly. In the meantime, I want to point you to an interesting

Implicit associations = STEREOTYPES.

Guest blogger Nora again; howdy! With a short (for me) post! Some of you may have seen this article about how “implicit associations” (i.e., biases) impact medical treatment already. The gist of it is this: In the new study, trainee doctors in Boston and Atlanta took

May 2007 Erase Racism Carnival

Welcome to the 12th Erase Racism Carnival! Sorry this edition is a little late. We had a few issues to deal with at ABW Central this weekend. This is a very media-heavy edition, mainly because media issues are very interesting to me. The summer movie