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So…Hillary Clinton’s stopped hiding her racism

Clinton touts support from ‘white Americans’ It looks like she’s decided that if she’s going down she’s taking the party with her. I mean there’s no other reason I can come up with for her to essentially say that white votes are the only votes

Bill Clinton Can Kiss My Black Ass

Usually I try to craft these well reasoned posts complete with tons of links and back up data just so I can be assured that my audience is getting a complete picture. Today is not the day for that kind of post because I’m really

How to lose a voter in two easy steps

Step 1: Throw rocks from inside your glass house… Clinton: Wright ‘would not have been my pastor’ Did I miss her distancing herself from Ferraro and Steinem after their comments? Because last I heard she was still very close to both of them. And their

How to derail a conversation about race…Step 1

Faced with Pat Buchanan’s recent display of bigoted delusional rhetoric I find myself feeling more than a little overwrought at the idea of discussing race or racism ever again. Frankly I’d much rather nap until America got over itself. But, I can’t resist debunking sentiments

Do you know we can see you?

I’m tired of talking about racism. In feminism. In politics. In literature. In the media. In my daily life. But you know what? I don’t get the luxury of ignoring that it exists. No one of color gets to pretend that their skin color doesn’t

So let’s just go back to segregation, then.

[Guest blogger Nora here. This is an adaptation of something I posted in my personal blog back in June, in reaction to the Supreme Court’s recent school desegregation decision. Occurred to me it might be of interest to folks here, too.] After hearing about the