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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Upcoming Changes

A few changes are coming up soon and I wanted to keep my wonderful readers up to date and also ask for your help. I own the domain and, if you plug that into your browser, it will redirect here. As I eventually want

Co-opting pain for profit

I’m usually a political blogger in this space, but something has happened that aggravates me to no end and so I feel the need to share my anger with a wider audience. So, this woman writes a memoir about her life as a poor, half

Whatever happened to peace?

So theoretically tomorrow’s batch of primaries is make it or break it for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Leaving aside my preference for Obama I have to say I really hope this does wrap things up just so the infighting in the Democratic party can stop and

March on the ABW

So, we made it through February. And I feel it was quite a successful celebration of blackness and history. But now we’ve come to March and, guess what? It’s Women’s History Month. Now, had I planned this out from the beginning of the year, I’d