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Upcoming Changes

A few changes are coming up soon and I wanted to keep my wonderful readers up to date and also ask for your help. I own the domain and, if you plug that into your browser, it will redirect here. As I eventually want to move to my own server (still with a WordPress blog), I’ve decided to map to this blog. So soon every time you come here you’ll no longer see the in the URL, just (or whatever).

You won’t have to change all of your bookmarks right away because, while I’m still on, all of the old links will redirect. However, I plan to move the blog to my own server this summer, so links that go to won’t work. If you’ve got links to me somewhere on your site or in your blog posts, update them after the change when you have some time, please :)

One other bugaboo is that, once I map my domain, Google will be confused for a bit. It’ll have to reindex all of my entries to the new URL and it may take some time to get my Google ranking back up again. I’m not overly concerned with my rank, but one of the major reasons I’m moving to my own server is so that I can have one or two (tasteful) ads. But in order to get ads, I need to have a decent number of visitors. Many of my hits and pageviews come from regular readers and links from other blogs, but a significant chunk comes from search engine traffic, and I’d like to get that back up as soon as possible.

So on each post you’ll notice buttons to submit the post or site to various social networking/bookmarking sites. If you could, please, click and submit/vote/etc. That will help Google and other search engines notice me again. That combined with links from other blogs should get traffic back up to normal levels in a couple of months.

Of course, I will do my best to write posts worthy of being linked/submitted/saved/read.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes”

  1. Legible Susan says:

    (I don’t belong to any of those bookmarking sites, sorry.)

    Do you know whether Bloglines will automatically find your new feed, or whether people will have to resubscribe? (It tells me you’ve got 96 subscribers.)

  2. Maria says:

    I don’t know how easy it is to do this on, but if you can send 301 redirects from archives to the right spot on your new site, you’ll preserve some of your old Google rankings.

  3. DCMovieGirl says:

    I’m just dropping in to say thanks, for the big-up.

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for awhile now and I really appreciate it.

    Keep writing the good write. ;)

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