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Whatever happened to peace?

So theoretically tomorrow’s batch of primaries is make it or break it for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Leaving aside my preference for Obama I have to say I really hope this does wrap things up just so the infighting in the Democratic party can stop and we can all move on to the real work of electing a new leader for this country. It feels like the lead up to the November primary is the longest stretch in history between the announcement of candidacy to an actual election. And so much of the sturm und drang surrounding it is just pointless. I don’t really care if someone planned their candidacy from kindergarten or wears the wrong earrings or looks too old. I care about what they’re going to do when they get into office. But we’re still at that stage where every facial expression merits tons of discussion by the pundits on whether or not looking tired one day means a candidate doesn’t have the stamina for the long haul of press junkets, speeches, and rallys. Because those details are super-important when determining the leader of the free world.

Meanwhile the U.S. is blowing up houses (this time in Somalia) and claiming once again that it was to stop terrorists. Somehow I suspect that we’ve injured and/or killed a bunch of innocent people without actually doing a thing to cut down on the danger from terrorist attacks. I also find it really interesting that we’re so quick to use bombs when the suspected terrorists and their neighbors are POC, but no one is in any rush to use explosives inside the U.S. against our homegrown terrorists. Is collateral damage only acceptable when the collateral isn’t a citizen? I’m terribly cynical today about what our country is doing in the world at large. This election cycle is so important and not just in terms of making history, it’s so important that we change tactics. Diplomacy can work if we try it. And no, I’m not naive enough to think it can fix everything, but it’s not like the bombs and bullets are doing that great of a job either. It’s past time we change tactics and start acting like we’re part of a global community instead of just being the bully with the biggest fists.

I’ve referenced the idea of in our lifetime before without ever really getting around to articulating what it means to the people who want to see a president that isn’t a white male. Well now I have to add that I want to see a president in my life time that doesn’t think a military solution is automatically the best solution. I know peace isn’t always possible, but whatever happened to working toward it? Did we just give up on the idea that everyone could co-exist on this planet? I’m a big reader of sci-fi and one of the most popular myths about the future is that we’ll function as a planet united against the enemy invaders. Right now I think if aliens did come to attack the planet a good sized chunk of the Earth’s population would sit around cheering the destruction of their enemies without considering what would happen once the aliens were done with the other guy. It’s important to a lot of people that they get the chance to see someone that looks like them be the one in charge, but let’s not forget how important it is that the person in charge actually make the effort to do the right thing.

Karnythia is a writer, a historian, and occasionally a loud mouth. In between raising hell and raising kids she usually manages to find time to contemplate the meaning of life as a black woman in America.” Her posts on any topic (including a copy of this one) can be found at her Livejournal.

3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to peace?”

  1. Jackie M. says:

    Seriously. Sometimes I miss the good old days of brain-washing propaganda politics(*). Radio Free Asia anyone?

    (*) I only wish I was being sarcastic.

  2. focusedpurpose says:

    amen! i really enjoy your blog! you are on my blog roll and i check you routinely. it is so plain to see, i don’t understand why people keep missing it.

    thanks for a great blog!


  3. jsb16 says:

    I just wonder if 2012 is going to see the primary season extended back into the previous year. That’s certainly the trend…

    I wish the earliest primary was in the June before the national election, with the conventions in August. Yeah, the candidates would have to travel a lot, but we wouldn’t have to hear about their every trip and sneeze, and maybe they’d have to articulate a clear and coherent set of positions since they couldn’t possibly write a new speech for every audience if they’re speaking to four or more audiences every day. And we wouldn’t be subjected to a full year of bullshit.

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