The first thing that we are going to need to know, is, what exactly is Intersexuality? Then we are ready for the history behind sex testing. Transgriot starts off with Gender Drama at the 1936 Olympics Robert Ritchie, John Reynard and Tom Lewis continue with Intersex and the Olympic Games In the following 30 years, […]

I have been watching the World track and Field Championships recently. Specifically the Jamaican team. Usain Bolt has been breaking world records left and right, and is thus getting the lion’s share of press. But the women’s side of the ledger has been way more consistent than the men’s, having racked up three gold medals, […]

The Examiner’s Ed Moy inquires Does Hollywood ‘white-wash’ the casting of Asian characters in movies? Then he proves it… After doing some research, I discovered that “The Last Airbender” wasn’t the only recent movie that cast white actors in roles that were originally created as Asian characters. For example, the character of Kyo Kusanagi will […]

EDIT: I realize the post is long, but I am having the devil of a time cutting it. I am so so sorry. To celebrate the fall of Section 377 in India,at teh hands of Delhi’s High Court (may it survive the challenge) here’s Human Rights Watch’s This Alien Legacy:The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in […]

EDIT: Apologies for giving you all the wrong link for the “The Nouveau Poor, The Working Poor”. The proper link is now up! Blame WordPress. I didn’t intend to link race and class issues today. In fact, I was feeling much more lighthearted. Then I hit the wrong button and everything was gone. And unlike […]

This week has been a veritable smorgasbord of RAGE-inducing reports of various incidents. Here’s some of the stuff that has been fanning the flames on the side of my face…. How I lost my health insurance at the hairstylist’sFreemarketer: “But if we offer a public option the insurance companies will go out of business!!!” Me […]

So previously, based on nothing but a nice trailer with cool music, I made a commitment to see Transformers. I am now being warned that that commitment might be a bad idea, due to my recently reached decision to sharply decrease toleration of gender and race and sexual orientation shenanigans in my entertainment. I find […]

So. Micheal Jackson is dead. I am having serious trouble processing that. I expected to hear this when I myself was much older. Not now. I wasn’t ready for now. Damn. *sigh* His songs were always there… I liked most of them, but these were my favs Stranger in Moscow and Dirty Diana May he […]

And hhhhheeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee’s your linkmistress:Unusualmusic! \o/ Today (or tonight, depending on your time frame) you get to choose from subjects as diverse as American healthcare and education debates, American history, American economy and secret service shenanigans, Famine in Africa (helped along by one Bill Gates) AND American culture! Its all about America today! (or tonight!) There […]

Hi guys!!! *waves excitedly* So Tempest requested that I introduce myself. This has been giving me a bout of writer’s block all week, because I really do hate talking about myself on the internets. Face to face, fine. Internets? Not so much. *eyerolls* However, I have decided to narrow it down to the following: 1. […]