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Cultural Appropriation

I told you before that I’m a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan. I also write in that genre. You probably wouldn’t know me if I told you who I am. At any rate, last month I attended the WisCon Feminist Science Fiction convention, which is

White folk better watch out

Hurling the word Nigger around might just get you killed, and a judge might say that it’s your own damn fault that you’re dead. (and he might be right) Judge Rules Victim Provoked Death With Racial Slur Victim, Neighbor Fought Over Noise HONOLULU — A

Old Post : Angry at Lifetime Network

Before I had this wordpress blog, I had another blog on a private server. The server went away and I didn’t bother trying to pick it up right away because I had other things to do. However, I saved some of the posts. I’m archiving