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Old Post : Angry at Lifetime Network

Before I had this wordpress blog, I had another blog on a private server. The server went away and I didn’t bother trying to pick it up right away because I had other things to do. However, I saved some of the posts. I’m archiving them here because I still like them. Or, I’m still pissed.

I have to admit, I love watching The Golden Girls. Something about the trials and tribulations of old white women is just amusing to me. I don’t watch it as often as I would because I can’t stand the damn commercials they play on Lifetime. They’re usually for the next original movie by these wankers. For a solid 3 weeks they will advertise the fuck out of them and they’re usually based on a stupid premise to begin with. Thus we come to why I am presently angry at Lifetime.

Their new movie, Cyber Seduction, is being advertised thusly: Open on a young man, 15 or 16, in his room looking at some naked or nearly naked women on his computer. His mother opens the door and spots him. GASP! Her son is looking at porn! Cut to mom saying in a panicked voice, “He’s looking at naked women on the INTERNET!” to dad. Dad doesn’t seem concerned. Annoying female voice of Lifetime keeps interjecting with phrases like: “A tragedy that will tear a family apart.” Cut to another woman saying to mom, “Internet porn destroyed my marriage.” Cut to more pictures of nearly naked women. Cut to mom screaming at her son, “You’re ADDICTED! You can’t stop!” That’s pretty much it.

A 16 year old boy who can’t stop looking at naked women? OH GOD! Someone call the Guinness people, a teenage boy has become enamored of naked ladies and can’t stop!

What the hell is wrong with these people? Seriously. Lifetime movies just get dumber and dumber as time goes on. The dangers of Internet porn? How about the dangers of repressing sexuality until boys can only learn about something as natural and right as sex and sexual feelings from the internet where girls with breasts bigger than their heads bounce up and down on an endless loop? This movie is just stupid, plain and simple.

I am not surprised by this, just re-disgusted. It’s bad enough they have this tripe, but they continue to run their other stupid ass movies. You can’t turn on Lifetime or their movie channel without 3 in 4 movies being about some woman who is raped. Seriously, how many movies can be made on this subject? Yes, it’s important and it happens and it’s horrid, but do we need a movie every damn week about it? Enough already! And enough with the movies where women get accidental hysterectomies and scream in the streets “I’M NOT A WOMAN ANYMORE!!! I HAVE NO UTERUS!!!!!!” Shut the fuck up.

Women’s issues are important, but Lifetime makes a mockery of them. Do people know this? How are they still on the air? What kind of woman takes time out of her busy day to watch these horrible movies? There must be many of them because they don’t stop. And now millions of women will be harassing their poor teenage sons, screaming at them that they are addicted to looking at naked ladies and it has to stop or the whole family will be torn apart. And all these sons will be so frightened that they will comply.

And become gay.

3 thoughts on “Old Post : Angry at Lifetime Network”

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  3. Northbard says:

    Got linked onto you via Allyworks or Alas (I forget which at this point, apologies) and then segued over here via the BSG post, and just wanted to say thanks.

    I’m nowhere near as incisive and able to marshall good arguments that don’t sound like strident creeds, so I appreciate the hell out of writers like yourself that can make ideas clear for me to point to and say “SDee? That! What she said there! That’s what I would say if I could say it well!”

    Oh, and thank you for that last line. *g*

  4. Alex says:

    Thank You

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