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Reproductive Justice Linkspam: A Starting Point

I had many plans for this post. I was gonna write about Copenhagen 15. But weeks later I still feel so damn furious and depressed that I decided to ignore that. So I intended to featuring another blog, or writing about the recent incidents of

Feature Blog: The Feminist Texican

There are other blog posts that I have promised to make. I’m still working on them. In the meantime, here’s a cool blog whose owner has has good links and great blog posts: Feminist Texican Blogeando: Latinos Are Blogging, Are you Engaging Them? Lean in

Linkspam: “I’m back” edition

And how was your holiday season? I hope it was as enjoyable as mine. May your new year be filled with much joy and not much sorrow. In the meantime: Feminism Fail Perhaps it is time for women to examine whether the largest organizations that

Sex and Sexuality Break

Tis the season of exams, but I sure as hell didn’t feel like cracking open a textbook today. So have some links.Greta Christina:The case of the missing bisexual [Greta Christina] “Straight Porn Will Make You Gay”: The Delusion of Sex-Negativity Are we having sex now,

Food sovereignty Part 1: Land Grabs Rich vs Poor

This is just the week for me to be pissed off at the world, apparently. The Great Land Grab PDF Farm Land Grab One of the best resources, but is having bandwidth troubles. GRAIN statement at the joint GRAIN-La Via Campesina media briefing For over