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Torture – Why Are You Surprised?

(crossposted to my dairy over at DailyKos, which has some… interesting reactions.)  The political blogs are all over this whole torture thing and shrub’s hissy fit in the Rose Garden. I am watching the debate from way, way back because I don’t see any good

The Boycott – Still Viable?

I hope you’re all aware of the crap-u-drama that ABC aired yesterday and Sunday, The Path to 9/11. If you don’t know about it and the ensuing controversy, just plug that phraseinto Google and watch it light up. We accuse others of propaganda, but our

Black People and 9/11

There’s a 9/11 story that I heard once and never forgot. It’s anecdotal and may even be completely made up. I’m not sure. I can’t even remember the context in which I heard this story (I vaguely recall it being on television, but that might