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The one thing you need to understand about The Angry Black Woman is that just because I’m angry doesn’t mean I hate everything. You need to get that in your head right up front.

This blog is anti-racism and anti-sexism. It’s anti-prejudice of all kinds, but I focus mainly on racism and sexism because I am a black woman.

There are three bloggers on this site. All of us are angry, black, and female. Only one of us is the Angry Black Woman.

Why am I angry? Lots of reasons. The aforementioned racism and sexism. The way that our culture perpetuates racism and sexism then lies about what it’s doing. The fact that minorities, poor people, immigrants (both illegal and legal), and other marginalized parties are still treated like the gum on the shoe of the white, male power structure in this country and yet we’re all told that things are getting better. Things are not getting better.

This blog is a safe space for talking about these and other related issues. Safe spaces need to be protected. Not from people who disagree, but people who abuse. I won’t tolerate abuse here. Because I’m angry.

It’s true that the Angry Black Woman is a negative stereotype. Black men don’t like us, white people fear us, and non-angry black women wish we would stop being so loud. Anger isn’t going to solve all of the world’s problems, true. Anger is sometimes an unhealthy emotion. Sometimes it’s not. We sometimes need to get angry to propel us toward positive change or to stop injustice and oppression. We can’t stop being angry until the fight is over. And the fight is far from over, kids.

Before you go commenting on this blog, I suggest you check out the Required Reading. It’s required for a reason. I also suggest you check out the Rules, because whether you break them in ignorance or not, you’ll still be treated the same way.

There are four different header images. Two are modified versions of “Angela Davis” by Jesus Barraza of The full image can be found here. The other two are pictures of a Sojourner Truth monument. The second has excerpts from her famous “Ain’t I A Woman?” speech.

186 thoughts on “About”

  1. Solange Echeverria says:

    I couple of years ago i began a blog – (Angrybitch) for a number of reasons mostly because I am a Latina that lost her job (journalist) to white male privelege -at a progressive rasio station no less. Oh yeah, being menapausal helped too…
    At any rate, I find you words, thoughts and intelligents FUCKING GREAT -Necessary, brilliant -Like getting oxygen after being locked in a dank suffocating cave.

  2. Solange Echeverria says:

    My experience at this place compelled me to write a book “White liberals and their racism” and why they just don’t get it. I wanted to create an atmosphere where activists of color could speak freely -about their experiences with white liberals and the internalized racism -and the struggle to deal with people in progressive movements that really have not unlearned their racism…It’s a subject that no one wants to deal with…

  3. Iris* says:

    I just got here. But I heart you! I just wanted to show some support and tell you to ignore the hell out of those horrifyingly stupid commenters that just want to piss everyone off. YOU ROCK.

  4. Dreson says:

    Wow, This website makes me sad…..

  5. Dreson says:

    Its not white people you need to be focusing on.

    Distribution of single-offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender – Year 2002
    Offender victim Estimated number of victimizations (1)
    Crimes of violence- (3)
    White Black 100 111
    Black White 466 205
    Black Black 460 388

  6. jon says:

    hey ther, firstly i thought id clear this one up, im a white male, im 18 years old. an i found ur blog whilst looking for a word to descrobe people who are scared of black people. i thought your reasoning of ABW was completely relevant and true to modern day life, unfortunatly! However, i was wondering as to whether u think white people being scared of black people is racist, as i find myself being accused of being racist myself when i am genuinely scared of black people due to a few bad experiences with black people, im not saying all black people are the same or are all bad people, as i have friends who are black. however, i do often feel intimidated by black people who i am unfamiliar with!

  7. JH Furnish says:

    Until very recently I was a high school teacher in the city of Philadelphia.

    Generally, I always cut young Black girls some slack for having some ‘tude because I realize that Amerikkka is very hostile to Black women, and a pro-active attitude is simply par for the course for young Black girls. They really won’t be able to get on without having a facility for being assertive, aggressive, or even hostile. They have absolutely no choice.

    My only problem was that a goodly number of them (I taught ninth grade, english) hadn’t learned how to turn it off so I could teach them. Sometimes this did develop during their time with me and other times, not until later (if ever, I didn’t always see them again). Still, I think that being patient with them for the ‘tude was fair, because I know they need to ‘try it on’ being young people who haven’t hit all the walls their mothers have. Yet.

    Live loud, ABW.

  8. ExpatJane says:

    Be as angry as you need to be.

    Hell, I’m misinterpreted as angry when adjectives like “well-spoken”, “thoughtful”, or simply “correct” are better suited.

    I’ve been misinterpreted as being violent when all I’ve done was ask a question which was seen as a veiled threat.

    I’ve been called the Ugly American when some white man has decided that me not agreeing with his spin on the world is racial or cultural intolerance.

    How can you not be angry at times in a world that sees us as one-dimensional and often useless, unattractive and stupid? I’m glad that right now I’m abroad and just have time to look at the US from a different perspective (it ain’t pretty, for the most part.)

    I’m glad I found your blog!

  9. ephelba says:

    I just found your “Monday Debate: What is racism?” post. You mention that if we’d like to continue the discussion we should email you. I can’t find your email address, so I’m assuming either you don’t want it up on your site or I’m too dumb to find it, but I do have some questions, and I know a trick to making scones. If you ever have the time and the interest, maybe you could email me? I’ll make another assumption that you can see my email….

  10. nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez says:

    Do your thing. It’s a beautiful thing, after all. :)

    And “Dreson,” you’re like me! When I get sad, I read stats, too! So many people use comfort food, but that shit gets old, right?

  11. say it loud says:

    boy, white privilege sure comes in handy. dealing with cops, judges, pretty much any kind of authority figure – everything’s just so much easier. yes, i’ve had many ocassions to be thankful for my white privilege. of course there’s a down side: angry black women sometimes hate you. but it’s not really that much of a problem – generally the most they’ll do about it is talk at you, and half the time they don’t even do that, they just stew silently! it’s pretty easy to ignore.

    actually, i’m angry too. not at angry black women, but at suits, bureaucrats, petty tyrants, money-grubbing bosses, lying politicians, and the like. of course, i’m not angry on quite the same basis as an angry black woman might be, god forbid, since i’m a totally different type of person who couldn’t possibly relate to the kinds of problems faced by black women, exclusively, from condi rice on down.

    what are we angry people to do? is blogging really enough to release all that anger? i’ve tried blogging, and i’ve tried rioting, and i have to say it’s no contest. however, rioting unfortunately tends not to be 100% effective. is there a better way, more satisfying than blogging and yet more effective than smashing things and fighting the cops?

  12. the angry black woman says:

    say it loud… you’re funny! hahahahahahahahahahaha *continues to point and laugh for a while*

  13. zkennedy23 says:

    Haha this may pose as some clarification for the less-informed “so to say?”…

    I have a direct question miss “ABW” and I’m not trying to “butt heads” with you, but why do you need to specify that you’re an “angry black woman”? I mean, I myself am an “angry guy”, but I don’t really feel the need to add race into it. So my question is, why is there a need to put race into the picture?

  14. Jason357 says:

    It’s NOT fear of blacks. Many whites just have experience that says many balcks have no boundaries and will destroy themselves and everything around them. They’ll kill over a dispute over a quarter or something minor, like a girlfriend. Whites don’t normally want to die over a minor stuff. Plus, whites don’t have the support in prison that blacks have. I call that thinking smart, not fearful.

  15. AuLThaT says:

    I just happened to find your blog because it’s on the front page of the site as blog of the minute. I think an Angry Black Woman is an extreme turn-on and an articulate one is engagement-ring-worthy. But seriously, we live in a country that excludes across the board. I will never fall for the semantic trick of someone saying “you shouldn’t say Black Power” as if adding “Black” to any positive phrase somehow makes it evil and dirty. Ask if it’s ok then to say “white power” and I’ll show graphic examples of how that phrase is accompanied by hate, death, and attempted genocide… so no it’s not ok. Anyway… nice blog ; )

  16. Gloria Hopkins says:

    Careful how you group folks. I’m part white but my heritage is Native American and I can match you point-for-point in reasons for being pissed off at white folks in this country.

    In this country it’s the “us vs. them” mentality that perpetuates racism. If anyone has any right to be pissed off at white folks in this country its me. But I have let it go and learned to live in harmony with all races, including the white race.

    “My people” suffer the same prejudices that black people do. It just doesn’t get noticed as much because there aren’t many of us left. And, NOBODY dare begrudge us our anger for having our home flat-out stolen from us.

    But that’s history. This is today.

    None of the white folks living here today stole anything from me, or enslaved any of your people. They are all our countrymen and fellow Americans. They did not ask to be born here, and most have little control over where they live now. Yes there are ignorants who are prejudice because our skin is brown, but I don’t give them a second thought. Those I can help I do, the haters aren’t worth my time.

    Morbid curiosity led me to a KKK site the other day. I never found myself angry, and I can’t say I ‘pity’ them as most folks would. They have an agenda that they follow, just like many other political organizations. But I felt that they are fundamentally wrong in the Biblical sense.

    They feel this country was founded by white Christians? Do they think God just dropped them out of the sky? No, the “founders” of this country raped it, exterminated the natives here and imprisoned those they couldn’t kill.

    White Christians did NOT establish this country. It was a beautiful, healthy, thriving place before they brought their guns and disease. Yes, KKK, murder, disease and anger. You should be very proud of your heritage.

    Sorry for ranting, and thanks for offering this blog. I love it. Just don’t be so “black and white” OK? There are many of us “brown” folks who are also very emotional and passionate.

  17. thebiggestfundraisingcampaignofyourlife says:

    The only thing that bugs me about things like this — despite their humor — is that you hear way more about Angry Black Women than Totally Fine And Not Very Angry At All Black Women and so White Americans, who are often trying to be considerate, approach women like mah’self with caution because they’ve been put on alert by people like you, who apparently just happen to be angry.


    There are so many Angry White People, too, you know, but they seem to have died down ever since KKK went out of style. Or, they watch FOX. Yay for Bill O’Reilly.

  18. Charlie Weis's Small Intestine says:

    Ahh never mind ABW, I get it now

  19. somebody somewhere says:

    There’s a book called Angry Black Woman, and there’s a website. The book is so funny and so true. There’s a section in the book that salutes Angry White Women. The quiz determines which ABW you are and tells the reader how to use ABW power in workplace and social situations without losing a job, friend, or anything else of value.

  20. somebody somewhere says:

    Where did you publish your story? I’d like to read it. Tried googling but there’s a lot on “Angry Black Woman” that doesn’t seem to have anything to do w/ you or your blog.

  21. plaintain1 says:

    Yeah, I’m another angry black woman. Hope you’ve got room to accommodate me.

  22. mspetry says:

    you rock…

    i love people who arent afraid to speak their mind

  23. Chris says:

    Interesting website

  24. Bruce Dixon says:

    Nice work Angry, if I may be so presumptuous as to call you by yr first name. We’re linking to you.

  25. the angry black woman says:

    lol Bruce. Sure, you may call me that. Most folks just call me ABW. Thanks for the Link.

  26. Ty says:

    Hello ABW,

    Where are you geographically based?


  27. Dodo says:

    Like I always say:

    If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

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  30. Ann says:

    “However, anger can be used for good. We sometimes need to get angry to propel us toward positive change or to stop injustice and oppression. We can’t stop being angry until the fight is over. And the fight is far from over, kids.”

    And oftentimes what is called anger, is really passion. Passion to work towards justice, decency and fairness in this country.

    And many people fear that passion/anger because they themselves have so little of it. They themselves have settled for less than and second-best living.

    And the fight still rages on in America.

    The pervasiveness of racism is still there.

    It has simply morphed into a subtle and more sinister type. So subtle that it can often not be seen for the plague it always has been, for the plague it still is.

  31. Ann says:

    Gloria Hopkins.

    I’m part white but my heritage is Native American.”

    And many black Americans have in addition to black African blood, and white rapist blood from slavery and segregation, Native American blood from the rape and enslavement of black people by the so-called Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw and Chikasaw).

    Many black people enslaved by the Cherokee were drug behind horse-back riding Cherokees who took their black slaves with them on the Trail of Tears march out of the South towards the West into the state presently known as Oklahoma.

    Many black slaves died along this forced migration as well.

    The Cherokee also fought on the side of the whites of the South in unity with the Confederacy.

    The Cherokee looked upon black people as less than by adopting the use of slavery into their society.

    So did the Seminole as well as the other southern Indian tribes.

    “Five Civilized Tribes”.

    Doesn’t sound so civilized to me.

    If they were so civilized they would not have aped the worst of the white man.

    But, I guess when you are given the choice of surviving against the white men and women who seek your destruction, and your choice is to either side with defenseless black humans (who, incidentally, have just as much right to live in this world asanyone else), or side with the white man and woman who can crush you like a fly, well………..

    The instinct for survival kicks in.

    And then and there, Native America of the American South, made their choice.

    Go hand in hand, and participate in the destruction of black people by adopting slavery and doing to black people what white people did to black people under white America’s enslavement of black human beings:

    -Work black women and men as animals as if they were beasts of the field
    -Take from black people their labor freely and offer no compensation for it.
    -Rape, defile, debase and debauch black women and young blacks girls, because, hey, they are not fully human, they are just animals, because the white man and woman said it was so
    -Treat black men and women just as viciously as white people did during slavery. And why not? They couldn’t possibly be human. The white race said so, so ease and salve the conscience by convincing yourselves (Five Civilized Tribes), that is was alright to enslave your fellow human beings.

    Yes, white peole aren’t the only people who have “native blood” flowing in their veins.

    Many black people do as well.

    And it got there the old-fashioned copy-the-white-race way:

    Via rape and sexual coercion.

    Only thing is, there are many black peiple who do not recognize the Indian blood anymore than they reocgnze the white blood.

    Rapist blood, no matter what type it comes in is still rapist blood.

    I’ll acknolwedge the black blood just fine.

  32. somebody somewhere says:

    This “Civilized Tribes” vs. Freedmen debacle ticks me off to no end. When Native Americans scream about injustice, blacks are the first ones there to the defense, to help out. And they want to just negate people that have been members for 140 in the tribes? Quote “Don’t let these black freedmen take advantage of you. Protect Cherokee culture for Cherokee children and our future!” WTF? They use the “poor us” to justify acting just like any other oppressing racist mofo. WTF???

  33. Lesley says:

    *sigh* It’s times like this that I feel bad for being white…

  34. Monica says:

    I’m so glad there is somewhere I can actually be angry without being labeled a black b!tch. I am angry, though. I’m angry at black people, us black women in particular, for really cutting our men too much slack. We haven’t required anything from them. No education, no good job, prison records, drug problems, bunch of babies, and even worse, we allow the “educated ones” to feel like their the king of the castle. They know they are the exception and use that and the fact that no black girl wanted to talk to them in school as an excuse to date out. What they won’t say, however, is how they were too busy fantasizing about the lightest girl in the class and rarely, if ever, gave the really nice black girl the time of day. When we struggle to get somewhere, but are never really considered good enough, we take love where we can find it, get dogged, usually get left with a kid, and then we are “used goods” or “that’s good for us cause you wouldn’t talk to a good brother.” I wonder how degrading your own race of women is “good.” Black men have never had our backs. Do they honestly think they could have held an uprising during slavery and the master would step aside and let them have his wife? Heck no. They would have had to kill him. If our men had done the same thing, the white man would have gotten tired of killing their “best” men and would have left us alone. The black men let the white man know early on what they valued most-their own lives.

    Now they have the nerve to dog black women out, call us ugly, golddigging, materialistic, and loud? They didn’t call us that when they didn’t have a pot to piss in, but now since they get to wear a tie to work, we are worthless? They really think that “barbie” would give their tired arses the time of day if they had no loot. I could vent more, but I don’t want to waste space.

  35. nunya says:

    Haha…you’re funny and right on the money at the same time. It’s great. You say many of the same things I say in my blog without the queer element, but somebody has got to do these things and take being labeled the “typical black b!tch.” I saw some blog post the other day by, I assumed it was, a black male asking why are so many black blogs angry and saying anger is unhealthy. I left a comment essentially saying, “Hey, it’s just a *blog*…venting on a blog might be what’s keeping someone from going out in the world and hurting someone else, in which case it *is* healthy” and that I thought the answer was obvious why some of us are angry, particularly to other blacks, but I guess not.

  36. VanquishingVicissitudes says:

    I just discovered your site. It looks interesting!

    How do I join?

  37. BlueGirl says:

    When I read the stuff about Native American vs Black and then vs. White, I’m just like – give me a break! HUMANS all have done horrible things in this world, otherwise black tribes in africa wouldn’t have sold off their enemies to white traders.

    Black women in Africa wouldn’t be dealing with female circumcision or rape or murder.

    “White” people, as labeled here, sure have their historical set of crimes, but they didn’t originate rape or slavery. Those unfortunate ideas originated around the world at different times independently.

    For those of us in the US, let’s be really happy that the racism issue (and I’m not saying sexism because rape is still a big deal here), is for the most part (and I know not completely) confined to words. In the Sudan and in Iraq, people are dying because of prejudice.

  38. BlueGirl says:

    Btw, I LIKE this site. I think it is a great space.

  39. Jennifer says:

    You know I can relate as a black woman to your blog 1000%.

    Thank you for being a voice when some of us cannot be heard or people refuse to listen.

    I am usually a very sweet and nice person but I have this EVIL side to me that is tested every day.

    I usually do not have the attitude look but smiling but usually I am smiling because I am laughing at all the crap we have to go through as black women. Comedy is the only thing that keeps me sane.

    Thank God for Paul Mooney because he tells it like it is and I know certain people cannot stand him.

  40. Momma says:

    I found this site today, I can’t even remember where I found it, or what I was searching for when I came across it. Alls I know, is I’ve been here since I came in this morning, and it’s after 2pm and I’m still here. Knowing good and darn well Whyt Corporate America would not approve of this… (the nerve of me right? LMAO). I am anther ABW, who’s constantly trying to defend myself telling these folks, I’m not angry. But now I’m reading this site, and other sites that are linked to this site, and I’m feeling like … perhaps they are correct. Am I an angry black woman… Why Yes , I do believe that I am, and I believe that I am ready to embrace it as well. Feels good don’t it. :)

    Be well my Sisters and Thanks!

  41. Corina (is a troll) says:

    t’s bcs ‘m blck sn’t t!! B h b h


  42. abw says:

    Keep saying what you are saying. Folks need to hear it. It is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

  43. abw says:

    Gloria Hopkins, as a black person, I am glad she is stating her truths.You are right to point out that today’s white people have not conquered or enslaved today’s descendants, but the country still harbors racism,classism,etc. and it does this in institutionally and in ways both covert and overt.Alot of oppression has been allowed to go on because folks don’t want to say anything.Also, too many people of color catch suffering because they don’t want to rock the boat. Or they suffer and become sad down the road because they don’t want to be confront the world they live in. All of these reasons give reason to why I don’t mind outspoken people.Lets reconcile cold turkey. Tell that to Leonard Peltier, Vine Deloria,Annie Mae Aquash(I could be wrong here with the last name) Mumia Abu Jamal, Jeronimo Pratt, and Bobby Hutton. Better yet, Emmet Till.If that is too in the past, Amadou Diallo, Devin Brown, Elvira Arrelano, Vincent Chin and the countless Native Americans on reservations that are the victims of police brutality and worse.I will just say that it is fine if you don’t want to say anything, but if you don’t, let other people that do,do.It is a tough job, but somebody got to do it.This goes if you are Native American, Black,Latino, and Asian.Because whatever progress minorities make, they make because some “angry loudmouth troublemaker” spoke out. For all yall peacemakers anyway,how has your reconciliation changed minorities second class status or acquired genuine respect-self or otherwise. As for your comment earlier,that point is somewhat mute because who ever said Native Americans didn’t suffer bad like black people. One more thing, there are many African Americans that are half Native American, looks can be deceiving.Your point of view is interesting, I just don’t feel it, and don’t believe that approach of reconciliation would work for everybody-most people no matter how hard they may try.I must confess that it telling to me that you are half white.

  44. abw says:

    P.S. Gloria Hopkins, the ABW that wrote this is not Angry Black Women the blogger, I am another abw. So if you respond to the above post, don’t respond to the blogger, but to just ABW.

  45. abw says:

    Blu Girl,what you say is bull.Also, calling out the misdeeds of some Africans and the trials of African women, does not leave white people off the hook for the stuff they did despite the fact that it don’t excuse some blacks for the mistreatment of other blacks. It is fully within the capacity of black people to call each other out about our misdeeds with out letting others of the hook. Also, people mistreating their own and selling their own ain’t endemic to us.If it was, it still do not justify outside aggression. There is not a place in the world where the oppressed or soon to be were not divided.In Iraq, they are raising sand with each other, but does that excuse the West. Ireland is divided into Protestant and Catholics who kill each other everyday. But does that excuse the misdeeds of the British. Not by a long shot. During the ethnic cleansing/genocide/or tribalism that was Bosnia-Herzgovina, was the war crimes of the U.S. justified even though those folks killed each other left and right. Also,speaking of rape, what is going on with this European sex slave trade. This is a clear example of mistreatment of white females by their own, but does the fact that some women are desperate or have a clue of what they are getting into justify the abuse and slavery they eventually encounter.You know as well as I do it don’t. Or better yet, does the fact that some women are madams and men are pimps connected to organized crime, excuse this atrocity that impacts largely, though not only women. This being the case, they are the targets. The kicker you state is that racism only exist in words. In what world.Pardon my French or English but are you kidding. Hate crimes happen to minorities everyday.Blacks make up the group most likely to be targeted, but the rate of Asians and Latinos is rising daily. Native Americans might be target at about the same rate as us.Look at the main targets of Police Brutality-all minorities and know that race is a huge part of this. While you consider this, let it be known that the thousands of people believed to be victims of hate crime and police brutality are the ones you were lucky enough to hear about.Also, whites had a slave trade called indentured servitude and before that feudalism in Europe so it is stupid to call black people out when whites have done the same. But bad as all that was, the descendants of those indentured slaves are not perceived the way African descendants were.

  46. Gloria Hopkins says:

    ABW: thank you for your lengthy and thoughtful response.

    Your comment that you could tell I was half white is a fantastic example of the “us vs. them” mentality. Stop that, please. Once you stop that shit, things might start looking better for you.


  47. Everett says:

    I’m an angry white man now. My government is keeping me from my beautiful black wife. She is being held hostage in Nigeria by the Lagos consualate. I think the white consulate has a problem with me being married to a black African. I am Angry!!

  48. abw says:

    Gloria Hopkins, I do not have to promote an us vs them mentality because that already exists.You do not know how things are for me because you do not know me,so it may be you that needs to stop judging. Things do not look bad for me. I just do not see things from the perspective that you do. I am entitled to my point of view the way you are. You should consider this the way you may expect me to consider your point of view.

  49. CC says:

    You assume most white people are scared? I sure as hell ain’t.

  50. Vinnie says:

    abw, what you say is bull!
    the vast majority of racist crimes is commited by blacks against white victims. racist murders are disproportionally black-on-white, racist rapes are entirely black-on-white. the difference is that racist crimes against whites are never treated as hate crimes – therefore your statistics aren’t worth a cold poo.

    crimes commited by black racists are ignored by the media (anyone remember the wichita massacre?) while movies only feature white “racists”. woohoo, that must be that legendary white privilege…

  51. the angry black woman says:

    Hmm… everyone, please feel free to join me in pointing and laughing.

  52. Buzz Harris says:

    And thank you to Vinnie, the latest visitor from The Twilight Zone.

  53. Tom says:

    Vinnie, what planet do you live on?

  54. Ty says:

    Vinnie, Vinnie, VINNIE!

    Please, just continue watching Hannity & Colmes and Bill O’Reilly and leave thinking discussion to others. You are clearly not up to the task!

  55. abw says:

    Vinnie, what you say is bull! In the real world, things are the exact opposite of what you say !

  56. Nora says:

    ::points, laughs like that obnoxious kid from the Simpsons::

  57. Carrie says:

    Vinnie needs a reality check

  58. meka says:

    Exactly Nora and Carrie!!

  59. Tod says:

    Before I start I would like to thank my mom and dad for making it clear to me at an early age that I was going to be a white collar professional with nothing less than a Masters degree. My parents are two wonderful black people and to this day are still married and have been married for 40 years.

    However, I as a black man from the west coast, I am tired of statements from people like Monica, #33. Black men get blamed for every ill.

    Monica what kind of person are you!!! Monica, #33, you must be a lawyer or in law school. Only a lawyer or a future lawyer could write such a wonderful mix of truth, lie, and omission of facts and have all those facts come out smelling fresh and believable.

    “I’m angry at black people black women in particular, for