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Entertain us!!!

Brazilian fantasy action flick Besouro available to watch at this link If you need a reminder… the story goes… As essentially an action movie set in 1920s Bahia, and based on the life of a legendary capoeirista from Bahia who uses the power of Candomble

Random Bits Of Excellent News

People often tell me that they had no idea from reading posts here on the ABW that I also write fiction and have a secret second life. And I often forget that people here may not even follow my other blog, so I don’t always

2011 Hugo Award Nominees

Looking at this list, I’m starting to think the SF/F community just might be changing for the better (finally): Campbell Award For Best New Writer Saladin Ahmed1 Lauren Beukes Larry Correia Lev Grossman Dan Wells Best Fan Artist Brad W. Foster Randall Munroe Maurine Starkey

Speculative Fiction Lovers, Check Out My Stash

Right now on my hard drive I have a huge virtual stack of fiction, poetry and essays by writers of color. We’re talking award-nominated and award-winning stories by some of the fanciest writers of color to ever set pen to paper. Don’t believe me? Here’s

Writing The Other Shouts-Outs – June 2010

At WisCon this year I participated in a panel called Writing the Other: Shout-Outs wherein the panelists named fictional properties they liked where the writers(s) wrote characters that were “other” to them. Not just white people writing POC, but also able-bodied people writing disabled characters,