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Guest Blogger: Alaya Dawn Johnson

Through the end of this month into August we’re going to have another guest blogger: author Alaya Dawn Johnson. You may remember Alaya from her guest post a couple of years ago during Black History Month. Alaya’s first book, Racing the Dark, is available now

Fictional Highlights

I’m starting a new regular feature here on the ABW (and also on the Carl Brandon Society blog) wherein I list all of the SF/F/H short fiction by writers of color published each month. We used to do a similar thing on the SFBookswap blog

Get ABW on your Kindle

In an effort to give you as many ways of reading our awesome blog as is possible, we’re now also publishing a Kindle edition. You can subscribe to The Angry Black Woman for $1.99/month and it will be delivered wirelessly to your fancy Amazon-branded eReader.

Being Social

As some of you have cottoned, the ABWs have found their way to Twitter. We’re tweeting under angryblackwomen because certain other names were taken by someone NOT us. I think we need to trademark or something. Right now tweets mainly consist of blog post alerts

Having Some Guests Over

Remember last year when I opened up the blog to several guest bloggers for Black History Month? That was so awesome. I enjoyed having new voices on the blog and the great conversations and thoughts they inspired. From that exercise we gained a new permanent

Help Us Choose A New Header

Now that we’re all settled in to the new blog space and I’m finally able to spend some time making things look more ABW-ish, I’d like to do something about our headers. Currently we have some rotating nature pictures which are pretty, but not very

There are Three of Us, Yanno

Something I’ve been meaning to post/clear up for a while. Many regular readers know this, but for those who don’t: there are three women who regularly post on this site.  There’s me, the original Angry Black Woman, then there’s nojojojo/Nora and Karnythia.  For a long

If You Can See This Post

You’re seeing the ABW on its new server.  We’re still working out the kinks and getting the design the way we like it, so things will be up to speed in a few days.

Moving Day!

Heads up fans and friends! The Angry Black Blog is moving!  Not a big move — it’s still going to be at, but the blog will no longer be hosted at I’m putting it on my own server, instead.  I’m going to do

Moderated Comments

There was a huge backlog of moderated comments. Sorry, everyone! I’ve fallen behind. But now everything should be up unless it went to actual spam. I’ll wade through that soon, too.